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Our Staff

Our staff includes experts in human development, neuropsychology, instructional design, literacy instruction, learning analytics, technology design, accessibility, and more.

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Photo of Niel Albero

Niel Albero

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Allison Alunni

Allison Alunni

Human Resources Manager
Photo of a green apple

James D. Basham

Senior Director of Learning & Innovation
Photo of Amanda Bastoni

Amanda Bastoni

Educational Research Scientist
Photo of Alison Berg

Alison Berg

Operations & Outreach Services Coordinator
Photo of Jose Blackorby

Jose Blackorby

Senior Director of Research & Development
Photo of Susan Brau

Susan Brau

Director of Finance
Photo of Linda M Butler

Linda M. Butler

Research & Development Operations Manager
Photo of Becky Canham

Becky Canham

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Shamryn Coyle

Shamryn Coyle

Director of the California Coalition for Inclusive Literacy
Photo of Cynthia Curry

Cynthia Curry

Director of Technical Assistance
Photo of Bryan Dean

Bryan Dean

UDL Innovation Specialist
Photo of Bob Dolan

Bob Dolan

Senior Innovation Scientist
Photo of Alison Driscoll

Alison Driscoll

Project Manager
Photo of Kim Ducharme

Kim Ducharme

Director of Educational User Experience Design
Photo of Charlie Dunne

Charlie Dunne

Senior Network Engineer
Photo of Linda Encarnacao

Linda Encarnacao

Executive Assistant & Internship Coordinator
Photo of Ari Fleisher

Ari Fleisher

Innovation Network Manager
Photo of Boris Goldowsky

Boris Goldowsky

Director of Technology
Photo of David Gordon

David Gordon

Interim CEO & Chief Content Officer
Photo of Jenna W Gravel

Jenna W. Gravel

Director of Research & Curriculum for Professional Learning
Photo of Janet Gronneberg

Janet Gronneberg

Director of Strategic Advancement
Photo of Jess Gropen

Jess Gropen

Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Mia Gross

Mia Gross

Project Manager
Photo of Tracey E Hall

Tracey E. Hall

Senior Research Scientist & Instructional Designer
Photo of Sarah Hocking

Sarah Hocking

Postsecondary & Workforce Operations Manager
Photo of Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Senior Research Scientist
Photo of Mindy Johnson

Mindy Johnson

Director of Digital Communications & Outreach
Photo of Sam Catherine Johnston

Sam Catherine Johnston

Director of Postsecondary & Workforce Development
Photo of Anne Marie Knokey

Anne-Marie Knokey

Research Associate
Photo of Carole Lacy

Carole Lacy

Chief Financial Officer & Human Resources Director
Photo of Jennifer Levine

Jennifer Levine

Director of Professional Learning
Photo of Paige Lorenz

Paige Lorenz

Support Specialist for Learning Designed
Photo of Lynn McCormack

Lynn McCormack

Senior Technologist
Photo of Patrice Morrison

Patrice Morrison

Operations Associate for Professional Learning
Photo of McKenzie Nicholis

McKenzie Nicholis

Operations & Outreach Services Coordinator
Photo of Steve Nordmark

Steve Nordmark

Director of Business Development
Photo of Leslie O'Callaghan

Leslie O'Callaghan

Operations Coordinator
Photo of Agatha Oehlkers

Agatha Oehlkers

Research Associate
Photo of Luis F Perez

Luis F. Pérez

Technical Assistance Specialist
Photo of Maggie Pickett

Maggie Pickett

Technical Assistance Specialist
Photo of Allison Posey

Allison Posey

Senior Content Editor & Producer
Photo of Katie Quin

Katie Quin

Accounting Associate
Photo of Madeline Reggiannini

Madeline Reggiannini

Operations Manager for Professional Learning
Photo of a green apple

Kristin Robinson

Instructional Designer & Research Associate
Photo of Laura Sampson

Laura Sampson

Senior Accountant
Photo of Melissa Sanjeh

Melissa Sanjeh

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Cassandra Sell

Cassandra Sell

Art Director
Photo of Susan Shapiro

Susan Shapiro

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Shauntā L. Singer

Shauntā L. Singer

Content Specialist for Learning Designed
Headshot of Michelle Soriano

Michelle Soriano

Technical Assistance Specialist
Photo of Skip Stahl

Skip Stahl

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of a green apple

Ruth Templeton

IEP Implementation Specialist
Photo of Elisa Torres-Barton

Elisa Torres-Barton

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Nathan Trites

Nathan Trites

Customer Relationship Manager
Photo of Bill Walch

Bill Walch

Information Technology Specialist
Photo of Sherri Wilcauskas

Sherri Wilcauskas

Director of Federal Relations & Advancement Officer
Photo of Bill Wilmot

Bill Wilmot

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Cara Wojcik

Cara Wojcik

Senior User Experience & Instructional Designer
Photo of a green apple

Katie Wyatt

Implementation Specialist
Photo of Elise Yerkey

Elise Yerkey

Implementation Specialist
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