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UDL Video Club: Building Teacher Capacity to Reach All Learners

Photo of an educator recording themselves with a video camera

Project Name
Virtual Universal Design for Learning Video Club: Building Teachers’ Capacity to Reach Underserved Learners in New Hampshire’s North Country

Project Description

The Virtual UDL Video Club is a unique professional learning opportunity for educators to collaborate to design engaging, accessible, and challenging learning environments for all students, particularly students who have been traditionally marginalized. Each month, teams of teachers from three schools in New Hampshire’s remote North Country region come together virtually to share and explore video footage from their own classrooms (face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid). Using Learning Designed, teachers collaborate to identify barriers to learning and design inclusive opportunities in which all learners can thrive.

The Virtual UDL Video Club is designed to be an innovative, collaborative professional learning experience that will endure long after the project ends. Engaging in Video Club supports teachers to reach the following goals:

  • Apply UDL in the design of accessible, challenging learning opportunities
  • Implement strategies to reduce barriers to learning for all learners, with a particular focus on traditionally underserved students
  • Develop a North County collaborative community focused on UDL in rural settings
  • Co-design structures and resources such as a Video Club Protocol and a Video Club Guidebook to support and sustain the model

Engage in a larger community of  NH educators who are committed to UDL by connecting with CAST’s NH UDL Innovation Network, a thriving multiyear professional learning opportunity launched in partnership by CAST and the NH Department of Education that has grown to include more than 70 schools and more than 500 participants across the state.


2020 – 2021


Jane's Trust

Project Leadership

Jenna Gravel, PI


For more information about this project, Please contact Jenna Gravel.

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