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NH UDL: New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network

A group of educators collaborating with sticky notes and the UDL Guidelines

Project Name
New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network

Project Description

The New Hampshire Universal Design for Learning (NH UDL) Innovation Network is a multi-year job-embedded professional learning program for New Hampshire educators who are committed to empowering all learners.

Now in year six of the project, CAST partners with the New Hampshire Education Department along with more than 70 schools and 600 educators across the state. Participants engage with a small team from their school to learn what UDL is and how to apply it in their learning environments. Through collaborative school-based instructional rounds, online learning, statewide workshop days, and team-supported reflective practice, participants work to transform their classrooms for greater access and to support student agency. We empower participating educators as collaborators, leveraging a UDL approach to supporting their learning as designers and learners themselves.

Explore our Map of NH UDL Innovation Network Schools.

Learn more about our work in New Hampshire

All 6 printed yearly reports fanned out on a table

Download annual reports from year 1year 2, year 3year 4, year 5 to get the full picture of our statewide initiative year-by-year.

During the 2021–2022 school year, the NH UDL Innovation Network remained a vital resource and source of support for educators across the state. Learn more about how our work empowers educators and learners and what's next for New Hampshire.

Download the Year 6 Report

One of the toughest challenges in education is helping every student find a pathway to a bright future. There is no “one-size-fits-all” key to learning, and no single approach will work for all students. Universal Design for Learning is New Hampshire’s way to help educators across our state tackle the wide-ranging needs of all our students, and help them both recognize student variability in the classroom, but design education solutions so that ALL students can learn.

Frank Edelblut, Commissioner at the New Hampshire Department of Education


2018 – 2023


New Hampshire Department of Education

Get involved!

Attention all New Hampshire Educators! Apply your knowledge and earn a FREE UDL Credential. The NH Department of Education has paid for the Associate UDL Credential for every NH educator and paraeducator in the state.

We are eager to support UDL Implementation in districts and states across the country. Please contact for more information.

New Hampshire Stories from our Work

New Hampshire Department of Education logo, outline of the state of New Hampshire

Universal Design for Learning: One School's Journey

Are you ready to bring UDL beyond your classroom? Explore one school's three-year journey from learning UDL basics to UDL collaboration school-wide.

Photo of Niel Albero presenting at a learning event

New Hampshire Educators Pivot Easily Before, During and After COVID with UDL Network

When times are uncertain and unpredictable, a UDL mindset can help educators and administrators weather the storm.

Photo of Susan Shapiro presenting at a learning event

CAST Helps New Hampshire Educators Create Innovation Network to Improve Access for All Learners

We're bringing UDL to the entire state of New Hampshire so that all learners have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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