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Current & Past Projects

CAST investigates solutions to the most critical questions across preK–12, Higher Ed, and workforce, including questions related to equity, access, and outcomes. Building on an award-winning history, we co-design transformative solutions, improvement strategies, implementation systems and practices, and tools for learning.

Current Projects

An image of many speech bubbles depicting how to say 'Hello' in different languages.
2023 – 2024

Exploring the Intersections of UDL and Support for Multilingual Learners

Using job-embedded professional learning CAST and SEAL are examining the connections between the UDL Guidelines and the SEAL approach.

Graphic of the state of Michigan with two photos of learners and mentors in CTE environments
2023 – 2026

Improving Michigan’s Postsecondary Career & Technical Education

We're improving career and technical education across the state of Michigan by developing a shared professional development vision and a common student-centered language focused on inclusion and the UDL framework.

A group of adults collaborating together in person
2023 – 2027

Circle Up: Integrating Academic, Social & Emotional Learning

We're co-designing a training program that uses the UDL framework to weave together academic, social, and emotional learning strategies and best practices.

Photo of a young adult working with a laptop and 3D printer
2022 – 2024

Additive Manufacturing Career Guidance for All

Together with America Makes, CAST is working with educators and industry partners to create a free digital resource to attract individuals to career pathways in the additive manufacturing industry.

Photo of a woman with Down syndrome smiling and speaking to colleagues at a grocery store
2022 – 2024

Equitable Access to CTE in Massachusetts

Find out how we're bringing UDL to Career & Technical Education educators across the state of Massachusetts.

Screenshot of Biofab Explorer on a tablet with a purple wave in the background
2022 – 2025

Biofabrication Career Guidance for CTE & Community College Students

We're broadening the participation of underrepresented populations in biofabrication and biomanufacturing using our Biofab Explorer and Eportfolio tools.

Photo of a young girl exploring the parts of a drone
2022 – 2026

Take Flight: Using Drones to Get Rural Middle School Girls Interested in STEM Careers

We're changing the conversation around who belongs in STEM learning and STEM careers.

REVISE logo and hands working together on chart paper with sticky notes
2022 – 2027

REVISE Center: A Collaborative Effort to Advance Equity in Informal STEM Education

We're helping to create more accessible and universally-designed tools for the NSF AISL Resource Center.

Screenshot of the MNTfolio tool on a mobile device surrounded by technical imagery
2021 – 2024

MNTfolio: Customizing e-Portfolios for Undergraduate Research

Our e-portfolio is helping develop research skills in undergraduate micro nano technology researchers.

An educator at the front of a classroom of adults, calling on participants to speak
2021 – 2024

Reimagining Online Training: Using UDL to Support Adult Basic Education Teachers

We're supporting educators in effectively teaching and supporting neurodiverse adult learners interested in pursuing postsecondary programs.

Far North Literacy Development Consortium logo
2021 – 2024

FNLDC: Literacy Development in Northern California

We're building teacher capacity for literacy instruction across disciplines through Universal Design for Learning.

Illustration of a student reading at a laptop surrounded by mathematical notation
2021 – 2024

MARCS: Facilitating Math Learning with Adaptive Reading Supports

Learn how we're supporting math learning through customized and adaptive reading supports and scaffolds.

CIDDL logo: Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning
2021 – 2026

CIDDL: A Digital Network for Innovative Practices in Education

We're helping preservice education faculty in using edtech for more inclusive instruction.

A science teacher working with students, SNUDLE projected on a whiteboard behind them
2021 – 2026

OASIS: Empowering Science Teachers with Research-based Coaching

We're designing sustainable, enhanced professional development for our universally designed digital science notebook.

Photo of a mother and daughter speaking with an educator
2020 – 2024

IEP Improvement Project: Empowering Massachusetts Schools to Improve Service to Students

Family engagement in the IEP process is essential. Learn more about our professional learning work in Massachusetts to ensure a more equitable IEP process.

COOL: Coaching on Learning logo with various learning- and collaboration-related icons surrounding it
2020 – 2024

Project COOL: A Scalable UDL Coaching Model

We're building a new model for instructional coaches, including new systems, resources, and microcredentials to impact student learning.

Photo of a student and teacher working together, screenshot of Corgi on a tablet
2020 – 2025

Corgi 2020: Scaling Models for the Classrooms of Tomorrow

Corgi graphic organizers are great on their own, but we're making them even better with a suite of professional learning resources to support their use in the classroom.

Illustration of a series of media representing varied ways of feeling, seeing and hearing content.
2019 – 2024

AEM Center: National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning

Accessible materials are an essential component in UDL implementation. Learn how the AEM Center can help ramp up your accessible materials systems and practices.

CITES logo: Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems
2018 – 2028

CITES: Framing the Future of Learning with Technology

We're framing the future of learning and technology by bringing together educational technology, information technology, and assistive technology.

A group of educators collaborating with sticky notes and the UDL Guidelines
2018 – 2024

NH UDL: New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network

We're supporting New Hampshire educators in building and sustaining a state-wide model for UDL implementation.

Photo of three people in discussion
2016 – present

UDL Credentials & Certifications for Educators & Product Developers

We're leading a UDL field-building initiative around credentials and certifications for educators and product developers.

Past Projects

Our past work influences our current work in meaningful ways. Resources developed during the course of a project provide insight into the way we work, and are often publicly available to the field of education and learning.

Screenshot of the Micro-Credentials page on the NOCTI website
2021 – 2023

Developing a UDL Micro-Credential for CTE Educators: One District’s Approach

The materials and resources are all designed to help CTE educators understand how they can use UDL to help learners sustain their effort and persistence.

A person in gear working in a tree outside
August 2022 – November 2023

Outdoor Recreation: Connecting Rural Youth with STEM Careers

Learn more about our work with rural youth exploring connections with outdoor recreation and STEM careers.

Photo of two educators looking at the UDL Guidelines and working on a sticky note activity
2020 – 2023

CCIL: Inclusive Literacy for California Students

We're working with California educators to design and deliver more inclusive literacy instruction.

Mindprint Learning logo with mathematics symbols in a wave underneath the logo
2021 – 2023

MindPrint SBIR: Addressing Learner Variability in Secondary Mathematics Instruction

Learn how we're equipping educators with data to address student variability across cognitive, social-emotional, and academic skills

Photo collage of families doing makerspace activities together
2020 – 2023

Multi-Gen STEM Makerspaces Will Boost School, Career Prospects

We're developing and researching a sustainable model for multigenerational making and learning that can support a STEM career trajectory.

Screenshots of Clusive library, and open article with settings panel.
2018 – 2023

CISL: Creating Digital Tools to Empower Students

Together we will transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in and succeed in digital learning.

A group of adults from the Choose Love project smiling at the camera
2021 – 2022

Choose Love & UDL: Bringing Social Emotional Learning into New Hampshire Prisons

We're helping to make the Choose Love™ curriculum more flexible and barrier-free for learners in the NH corrections system.

Photo of a student working on a laptop computer
2021 – 2022

MD Virtual Learning: Expanding Opportunities in Online & Blended Learning

We're helping design and deliver new online teaching and learning products that are engaging and fully accessible for Maryland's online learners.

Worker fixing an engine
2018 – 2022

AccessATE: Accessibility for Community College Technician Education

Supporting community and technical colleges in developing and maintaining accessible materials and practices.

Corgi logo: Co-organize your learning
2018 – 2022

Corgi-2: Enhancing Middle School STEM Learning

We took what’s already great about graphic organizers and made them more flexible and accessible.

TIES Center logo
2018 – 2022

TIES Center: Meaningful Inclusion for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Supporting the development of systems that not only include more students with cognitive disabilities, but meet each learner's needs in meaningful ways.

Teacher viewing Writer's Key progress monitoring screen.
2017 – 2022

Writer's Workbench: The Keys to Writing Smarter

As an extension of our Writer's Key tool, we're building a professional learning ecosystem to support more effective writing instruction.

Photo of two people working on a piece of machinery
2020 – 2021

CTEfolio: Supporting Hands-on Learning in a Remote Environment

Bringing our e-portfolio work into CTE programs so students can show what they know in new ways.

Photo of a group of children bike riding in the woods with adults
2020 – 2021

Learning Outside the Box: Co-Developing a CTE Pathway in Outdoor Recreation

Learn how CAST is helping build stronger career pathways for New Hampshire students in outdoor recreation.

Young person with a protective visor and helmet working with a large power tool
2020 – 2021

Supporting CTE Teaching in Remote & Hybrid Learning Environments

We're partnering with CTE programs in NH to support hands-on teaching in remote and hybrid environments

Photo of an educator recording themselves with a video camera
2020 – 2021

UDL Video Club: Building Teacher Capacity to Reach All Learners

Educators in New Hampshire's remote North Country are working with CAST on a Virtual UDL Video Club to share and explore ways of enhancing their practice.

Photo of young people working on a construction site
2017 – 2021

CEE-STEM: Exploring STEM Careers with Opportunity Youth

Our STEMfolio tool leverages mobile technologies and competency-based progress monitoring to help youth develop STEM interests and skills.

Students looking at a paper prototype
2017 – 2021

I-SMART: Formative & Summative Science Assessment of Struggling Students

Ensuring science assessments are truly inclusive of all learners, including those with significant cognitive disabilities.

Science Notebook tool screenshots
2015 – 2021

SNUDLE: Student Efficacy Trial

Our UDL science notebook was used in classrooms across the United States, supporting 4th grade students' science learning.

SNUDLE photo and screenshot montage
2015 – 2021

SNUDLE: Scaling an Inclusive Solution to Sensemaking in Science

Helping teachers use science notebooks to support student science knowledge, motivation for science, and sensemaking.

Intro to assessments and photo of Amanda Bastoni

A UDL Perspective on Assessment

Learn more about our interactive professional learning on UDL and assessments through interactive video modules.

Screenshot of the IMTfolio Challenges page in the app
2019 – 2020

IMTfolio: Opening Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathways to People with Disabilities

We're building a portable e-portfolio to help document young people's prior learning in competencies relevant to future apprenticeships.

Photo of two students working on a co-design activity with sticky notes in front of them
2018 – 2020

ARMI: Career Exploration Pathways into Advanced Manufacturing for Diverse Learners

We're building a more inclusive talent pool for futuristic fields as robotics, biofabrication, and hybrid electronics.

Productive struggle at work in Partners in Motion exhibit
2017 – 2020

Designing for Productive Struggle in Informal Science Learning

How do we design informal science learning challenges that are exhilarating, challenging, intensive, and fruitful?

A sprout breaking through the pavement
2014 – 2018

RAISE: Science Education for Incarcerated Youth

Universally designed science content for incarcerated youth to broaden career horizons.

Two girls at a Smartboard

Putting Students in the EdTech Design Seat

What would it look like if next generation learning technologies were designed by students, not just for them?

Screenshot of the Udio dashboard
2012 – 2016

CET-Udio: Closing the Literacy Gap

Our digital literacy environment was developed with UDL supports and scaffolds for struggling readers.

Screenshot of the COLSD web site home page
2012 – 2016

COLSD: Making Online Learning Accessible & Effective

Does online learning work for students with disabilities?

Photo of a woman typing on a keyboard
2013 – 2015

Inquiry Primed: Making Science More Inviting & Effective

What is stereotype threat and how can educators mitigate its effects?

Photo of a blank label
2013 – 2015

Understanding the Effects of Stigmas and Stereotypes for Students with Learning Disabilities

Download the Stigma Consciousness Questionnaire-Learning Disabilities (SCQ-LD) developed as part of this work.

Screenshot of the UDL OnCampus web site home page
2012 – 2015

Project OPEN: Providing UDL Resources for Postsecondary Learning

Whether your postsecondary learning is in-person or online, UDL on Campus has resources and tips for course and assignment development and delivery.

Screen shot of Writer's Key online tool for teaching composition writing
2011 – 2014

Writer's Key: Online Tool Supports Middle School Writers

Composing informational and argumentative text can be a challenge. Writer's Key is up to the task.

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