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Graduate Credit FAQ

CAST offers graduate credit for some of our online courses through our partnerships with accredited colleges and universities.

How do I determine if graduate credit is available for a particular course or institute?
If an online course is approved for graduate credit from a higher education institution, there will be a section on the course page titled “Graduate Credit”.

Do I have to pay an additional fee for graduate credit?
Yes. In addition to the online course tuition that you pay to CAST, you will have to pay a graduate credit fee directly to the graduate credit provider. You should register for the CAST online course prior to paying for the graduate credits to ensure there is space in the program first. If you would like to move forward with registering for graduate credit, follow the links that we provide to the credit granting institution’s website to learn more about their registration and payment process.

When can I register for graduate credit?
It depends on the credit granting institution. Some institutions have specific dates by which you will need to register, and other institutions have more flexibility. Use the links to the credit granting institutions provided by the CAST Online Course Coordinator to learn about graduate credit deadlines for each institution.

Can I transfer credits into my graduate program?
It is your responsibility to check with your higher education institution or district to determine how or if they will accept transfers of graduate credits, especially toward degree programs. Typically, transferred credits are only able to be used for elective credits, but some institutions are more, or less, restrictive. Please check with your institution before registering for the credit.

For more information, please email Patrice Morrison.

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