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Board of Directors

Board Leadership

Photo of Shelley Berman

Sheldon H. Berman, Board Chair

Superintendent, Andover (MA) Public Schools
Photo of Anne Meyer

Anne Meyer

CAST's Co-Founder and Chief of Education Design, Emeritus
Photo of David Rose

David H. Rose

CAST's Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer, Emeritus

Board Members

Photo of Steve Crosby

Stephen P. Crosby

Independent Consultant & Co-Founder, The Civic Action Project
Photo of Denise DeCoste

Denise C. DeCoste

Occupational Therapist & Special Educator (retired)
Photo of Logan Smalley

Logan Smalley

Director of TED-Ed
Photo of Eleazar Vasquez

Eleazar Vasquez

Director of the Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute & Professor, UCF
Photo of Deborah Waber

Deborah P. Waber

Director, Learning Disabilities Program, Boston Children’s Hospital, Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School
Photo of Jim Williamson

Jim Williamson

Technology Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations (Retired)
Photo of Michael Yudin

Michael K. Yudin

Principal at the Raben Group
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