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Awards Categories

UDL Awards

Award Categories

We invite nominations in the following categories:

Anne Meyer UDL Design Award

The Anne Meyer Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Award in Design celebrates trailblazing achievements in the realm of educational design.  UDL supports learner-centered design that is fully accessible, intuitive, and flexible. This award recognizes individuals, teams, or organizations whose creative work embodies the principles of UDL through inclusive experiences, tools, and environments.

Eligible candidates for the Anne Meyer UDL Award in Innovative Design may include designers, educators, curriculum developers, technology specialists, and other creative professionals who demonstrate the following:

  • Novel design solutions that seamlessly integrate the principles of UDL, fostering inclusive and flexible learning opportunities for all wherever learning happens.

  • Learning experiences that prioritize accessibility, flexibility, engagement, and belonging for learners of all backgrounds.

  • Flexible instructional materials, multimedia resources, or educational tools aligned with UDL principles that meet the needs of varied learners.

  • Use design thinking to address challenges related to curriculum development, assessment, and the overall educational experience for diverse populations.

  • Collaborate with educators, students, and communities to co-create UDL-inspired solutions that enhance the overall inclusivity of educational spaces.

The Anne Meyer UDL Award in Innovative Design celebrates and highlights the transformative impact of design on educational flexibility and inclusivity, encouraging professionals to think creatively and proactively about how to create environments that are universally inclusive and engaging for all learners.

David Rose UDL Research Award

The David Rose Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Award in Research recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of education through research that advances the principles and implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is a framework that promotes inclusive and accessible learning environments by providing multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression to accommodate diverse learner needs.

This prestigious award honors researchers who have demonstrated excellence in investigating and implementing strategies, methodologies, and technologies that enhance the educational experience for all learners, regardless of their individual differences, abilities, or backgrounds.

Eligible candidates for the UDL Award in Innovative Research may include researchers, scholars, and practitioners who have:

  • Developed robust research studies using cutting-edge research methodologies that contribute to the understanding of how UDL principles can be effectively applied in various educational settings.

  • Conducted empirical studies that showcase the impact of UDL on student engagement, learning outcomes, and overall educational inclusivity and diversity.

  • Contributed significantly to the dissemination of UDL research through publications, presentations, and collaborations that promote widespread awareness and adoption.

  • Demonstrated a commitment to fostering collaboration between researchers, educators, and policymakers to integrate UDL principles into mainstream educational practices.

The UDL Award in Innovative Research aims to celebrate and showcase the transformative impact of research on the advancement of UDL, inspiring educators and institutions worldwide to embrace inclusive practices and create learning environments that cater to the needs of every learner.

UDL Innovative Practice Award

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Innovative Practice Award seeks to recognize and celebrate educators, instructional leaders, and practitioners who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and creativity in implementing UDL principles within their teaching practices. This award acknowledges the transformative impact of innovative pedagogical approaches that prioritize inclusivity, engagement, and accessibility for all learners.

Eligible candidates for the UDL Innovative Practice Award may include PreK-12 teachers, instructional designers, school administrators, and educational professionals who have:

  • Implemented innovative instructional strategies that embrace the principles of UDL, providing diverse learners with multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression.

  • Fostered inclusive learning environments that celebrate and accommodate the unique strengths, interests, and needs of every student.

  • Developed and utilized adaptive technologies, educational resources, or teaching tools that enhance accessibility and cater to diverse learning preferences.

  • Collaborated with colleagues, students, and parents to create and sustain a culture of inclusion and diversity within the educational community.

  • Showcased creativity and flexibility in adapting UDL principles to address challenges related to curriculum delivery, assessment, and individualized support.

The UDL Innovative Practice Award aims to spotlight the dedication and impact of educators who actively contribute to the evolution of inclusive teaching practices. By honoring exemplary practitioners, this award seeks to inspire educators at all levels to integrate UDL principles into their instructional methodologies, fostering an inclusive educational experience for every learner.

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