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CORGI-2: Enhancing Middle School STEM Learning

Screenshot of the CORGI Google App

Project Title:
Accelerating Higher Order Thinking and STEM Content Learning Among Students with Learning Disabilities (CORGI-2)


This project extends a CAST/SRI Google App-based curriculum and technology innovation called CORGI (Co-Constructing Learning using the Google Interface) to improve STEM learning and higher order thinking for middle students with learning disabilities and their typically developing peers in general education STEM courses. Using Universal Design for Learning and the Strategic Instruction Model as theory and practice frameworks, we are developing and rigorously evaluating Integrated Units in middle school physical, life, and earth science delivered through the to-be-developed CORGI-2 Google App. The Integrated Units will contain support for content organization, Higher Order Thinking Routines, and Learning/Collaboration Strategies. As a Google App, CORGI-2 will support cloud-based application functions (e.g., ubiquity, collaboration, commenting), and will be extended with UDL supports including multiple means of representation, response and engagement as well as videos, models, supports for decoding, and supports for background knowledge. This suite of interventions will be co-designed with educators, experimentally tested individually and in suites, and tested to prepare for wider scale implementation and adoption.




National Science Foundation


University of Kansas
SRI International
Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)

Principal Investigators

Jose Blackorby, CAST (Co-PI)
Jan Bulgren, University of KU (Co-PI)


For questions and other inquiries about this project, please contact Bob Dolan at CAST.