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Corgi-2: Enhancing Middle School STEM Learning

Corgi logo: Co-organize your learning

Project Title:
Accelerating Higher Order Thinking and STEM Content Learning Among Students with Learning Disabilities (CORGI-2)


We took what’s already great about graphic organizers and made them more flexible and accessible, by bringing them online and adding lots of built-in tools and supports.

Corgi marks the next generation of graphic organizers, helping students co-organize their learning in a digital, Google App environment. We want to see every student build higher-order thinking skills and become an expert learner.

Research shows that Corgi works. Both our pilot study and independent evaluation of the Corgi app showed very positive results: Students made significant gains learning science and U.S. history content when using Corgi. Encouragingly, students with disabilities made substantial improvements in the independent evaluation. We’re excited Corgi helps students learn.

These exciting findings have propelled further development of Corgi. We are building more ways to support higher-order thinking skills and STEM learning, as well as new supports for content organization, higher-order thinking routines, and collaboration strategies. We’ll be piloting Corgi with middle school students in 2020.

Want to take Corgi for a test drive? Visit to try it out and learn more.

Want to see how we're supporting educators in implementing Corgi in their classrooms? Check out our related project: Corgi 2020: Scaling Models for the Classrooms of Tomorrow.

Are you a middle school science teacher? We need you!

We’re looking for middle school science teachers like you to try out Corgi in your classroom with your students before the end of the school year. We’ll provide training for using Corgi effectively and will give you high-quality lessons for you to try out with your students. We’ll also do some focus groups with you and some with your students (all with student, family, and your permission, of course).

Interested? Email for more information.




National Science Foundation


University of Kansas
SRI International
Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)

Principal Investigators

Jose Blackorby, CAST (Co-PI)
Jan Bulgren, University of KU (Co-PI)


For questions and other inquiries about this project, please contact