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  • Meter representing 58% of our goal

    Friday, November 3, 2017

    Make a gift in celebration of National Philanthropy Day on November 15th.

  • CAST logo surrounded by purple waves

    CAST works in partnership with schools, districts, states, and organizations to create learning environments that are flexible, accessible, and empowering for all.

  • Headshot of Alexey Davydov

    Technical Project Manager

    Alexey is thrilled to join CAST as a Technical Project Manager, bringing a wealth of experience from a dynamic career in software engineering and project leadership.

  • Headshot of Yvel C Crevecoeur

    I was inspired to be a part of CAST because the training I expected to receive would enhance my knowledge and skills in instructional design, using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework as the lens for exploration. UDL has provided me with much more and helped me to explore universal design principles in the construction and implementation of assessments within the graduate courses I teach and in supporting the master’s degree candidate students I encounter in implementing these principles in their practices.

  • Headshot of Jean Whitney

    I was Executive Director of the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation during the time when we supported CAST in 2008-2009 for the Read-with-Me eBooks Project. During this period, the Foundation was very interested in supporting assistive technology for persons with disabilities. This project was an outstanding example of Universal Desgn for Learning (UDL), benefitting all learners who may be struggling with their reading skills. The President of the Foundation, Ronny Zinner, and I went CAST's headquarters in Wakefield to see first-hand how this project worked. Not only were we impressed with the project itself, but we were able to get a complete tutorial on UDL - now understood worldwide to be an educational practice that benefits all kinds of learners.

  • Ari Fleisher, at home showing her home office space during the first virtual UDL 101 hosted by CAST

    Members of the National Faculty are contractual service providers who deliver universally designed professional learning opportunities and cultivate a cycle of learning by supporting educator-led learning and self-reflection activities.

  • Headshot of Mags Flood

    In 2021, I had the privilege of working with CAST colleagues for six months as part of my Fulbright Scholarship to Boston. They agreed to a day a week with them, working on the review of the UDL Guidelines. While I expected a warm welcome, the entire CAST team's generosity was more than I would have ever expected. In the Covid-prescribed work-from-home mode, I was assigned two CAST colleagues, Jenna Gravel and Nicole Tucker-Smith, whom I now consider friends, to connect with me. We connected online before I arrived in Boston, and once there, we had weekly virtual collaborative meetings to review checkpoints and look at the new Guidelines. What I loved was that Jenna and Nicole were authentic in their conversations with me from the outset and welcomed and valued my perspective. What we created was a learning community of three with branches to the wider CAST community. I remember my welcome at the first CAST staff meeting and the fun Google doc of ""things for Mags to do"" that included invitations to lunches, a visit to the CAST office, and people's hometowns. A conversation with David Rose, which led to a podcast, was also arranged. My experience validated my work at home in Ireland and showed me that the CAST team doesn't just talk UDL. They live it. One of the little nuggets Jenna, Nicole and I discussed was the hope of a UDL International Symposium in Ireland, an idea that came to fruition with the support of Jenna and CAST in 2023.

  • Photo of Dr. Tom Hehir

    Friday, June 24, 2022

    With deep heartache, we grieve the loss of our longtime friend, mentor, and collaborator Dr. Tom Hehir. CAST is deeply honored to have been one of the many organizations inspired and impacted by Tom’s work.

  • Background of a crack in concrete along with images of David Rose, the UDL Guidelines icon, and other vintage school-related items

    Monday, November 15, 2021

    Are there cracks in the foundation of the UDL Guidelines? CAST Co-Founder David Rose says there are in a highly personal, confessional, and reflective new essay.

  • Screenshot of the 2020-2021 NH UDL Innovation Network application

    Monday, July 6, 2020

    Are you an educator working in a New Hampshire school? Applications for the New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network 2020-2021 school year are due August 1, 2020!

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