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Consultation & Coaching

CAST works in partnership with schools, districts, states, and organizations to create learning environments that are flexible, accessible, and empowering for all.

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  • Instructional Coaching
    CAST’s expert coaches work alongside educators and paraprofessionals to support their application of UDL in the classroom. Coaches learn to lead CAST’s innovative teacher-centered protocols such as Instructional Rounds, Lesson Design Studios, Journey Mapping, Video Clubs, and Looking at Student Work.
    Prerequisite: Credential 1: UDL Mindset
  • Leadership Consulting
    Lean on the expertise of CAST’s team to enhance your school or district’s application of UDL to teaching and learning, school culture, professional development, and leadership and management. Develop a plan for continuous improvement using the phases of Implementation Science.
    Prerequisite: Introduction: Explore Universal Design for Learning or Credential 1: UDL Mindset
  • Custom Consultation
    Address the unique needs of your school, district or organization with a Custom Consultation from CAST.
    Prerequisite: None (some background in UDL preferred)
  • Curriculum Review
    CAST offers consultation on the design of curricula, assessments, lesson plans and other materials to ensure they address the variability of all learners.
    Prerequisite: None (some background in UDL preferred)
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