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Alexey Davydov

Technical Project Manager
Headshot of Alexey Davydov

Alexey is thrilled to join CAST as a Technical  Project Manager, bringing a wealth of experience from a dynamic career in software engineering and project leadership. Graduating with a master's degree in information technology in Economy from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Alexey initiated a journey in Full-Stack Software Engineering, honing expertise in JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular, Node.js, and Express. 

Transitioning to a pivotal role as a Team Lead at, Alexey spearheaded the development of multiple customer applications, leading as a Tech Lead on one project, overseeing its end-to-end lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into project dynamics and effective team collaboration. 

Motivated by a commitment to excellence, Alexey pivoted to the role of Technical Project Manager at Vention, orchestrating successful deliveries of intricate technology projects. By skillfully coordinating cross-functional teams, Alexey ensured precise adherence to timelines, resource allocation, and budgetary requirements. Alexey’s adept problem-solving abilities and transparent communication style fostered robust relationships with stakeholders, contributing to streamlined project execution. 

With an unwavering focus on innovation and achieving organizational objectives, Alexey constantly seeks avenues for enhancement, utilizing technology as a strategic enabler. Eager to join forces with like-minded professionals, Alexey looks forward to contributing expertise, fostering collaborative environments, and propelling CAST towards its visionary goals. 

Just started getting into the 3D modeling world. Spent last year studying Japanese martial arts including Sword, Bow and Quarterstaff 


One of my greatest sources of inspiration stems from the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen (改善), emphasizing continual enhancement through incremental daily efforts on personal growth. Whether it's a mere 5-minute stride towards self-improvement or the refinement of skills and mindset, I firmly believe that ongoing progress not only sustains your essence and priorities but also equips you for the future challenges that life may present.

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