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CAST's internship program provides interns with opportunities to supplement academics with real-world, career-building experiences. CAST internships empower interns to pursue their own interests while developing their knowledge of UDL, and building relationships with people actively working in the field of education.

CAST values the contributions that interns make to our innovative capacity and knowledge base. Therefore, in addition to the project work that interns do, interns are included in meetings and other events that include training, brainstorming sessions, guest speakers and project presentations.

At the end of the internship, CAST provides interns with a letter of completion, which includes a formal description of the projects they contributed to and the work they completed. In addition, interns are paid a generous stipend for 120 hours of work.

I have learned a tremendous amount here at CAST. The Read with Me eBooks project has been a great example of how challenging it can be to implement theory into practice. Particularly interesting is how this application of theory and subsequently the observations in practice can clearly highlight design issues. Being able to observe this cycle from theory/original design to practice to redesign has been critical in highlighting the strength that lies within the UDL framework.

Katie, Research Intern

Past interns at CAST have...

  • participated in research prototype development teams
  • contributed to subject-specific literature reviews
  • collected research data in schools
  • created multi-media products
  • developed online materials for websites and applications
  • designed logos, posters, bookmarks, and other print publications
  • illustrated digital books for children
  • participated in designing professional learning events and materials

I was an important part of a team that was creating an iPad app. Most places wouldn't put interns in that position. I was given an iPad to help in the development and audio editing equipment as well. Hours flew by at work, something I can't say for other places I have worked. I think you have something special going on at CAST, and that certainly includes the internship program. The freedom provided and responsibilities given make for a tremendous work experience.

Kevin, Multimedia Intern

How do I apply?

Send a resume or CV and three references to along with a cover letter briefly describing your interests and goals for the internship. For design and writing internships, please include some samples of your work.

As a graphic design and illustration major, interning at CAST was very worthwhile for me. It provided me with valuable experience working with the diverse teams within the organization and sitting in on projects at their different stages. These experiences helped me to develop strategies for working with groups of people more efficiently within a professional setting.

Rima, Design Intern

What else do I need to know?

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether a CAST internship is a good fit. Applicants selected for an introductory interview will be contacted by the internship coordinator. This meeting is to determine whether a CAST internship is available that can help you achieve your goals. The interview will include:

  • An introduction to CAST and its mission
  • An in-depth description of the internship program
  • An overview of potential projects

Applicants selected for a second interview with project leads will further explore the fit between their learning goals and current opportunities for interns. References are checked before acceptance into the program. Upon acceptance, the internship coordinator will work with you to determine your start and end date, along with your availability to work onsite. Your supervisor and mentors will work closely with you during your internship to ensure that you are achieving your goals for an internship at CAST.

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