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UDL Product Certification badge from CAST found on the Digital Promise platform

Digital Promise & CAST Announce New UDL Product Certification

The Product Certification serves as a signal to district leaders for edtech products that enable meaningful participation from all students.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network Year 5 (2022) Report. CAST | Until learning has no limits®

New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network Year 5 Report Released

The groundbreaking partnership with CAST and the New Hampshire Education Department trains local educators in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Happy New Year! From all of us at CAST.

To the CAST Community

As we wrap up another great year at CAST, CEO Lindsay E. Jones shares some of the highlights from 2022.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Media Coverage

Find out what our CAST of Characters share through podcasts, articles, and more!

  • Article

    How can schools ensure learning is accessible for all?

    K-12 Dive contributor Lauren Barack shares ways that instructional materials, technologies, and environments can be used in equitable ways, featuring CAST Technical Assistance Specialist Luis Pérez.

    Read the K-12 Dive article

  • Article

    Avoid burnout this fall by focusing on community care

    CAST author Nicole Tucker-Smith shares how to avoid teacher burnout this fall in this fabulous article in SmartBrief Education.

    Read the Smartbrief article

  • Article

    Doctoral Student Seeks to Expand Special Education Prep Programs in Higher Education

    The University of Arkansas News shared an article about doctoral student and CAST intern, Krystle Merry, highlighting her work with our Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems.

    Read the University of Arkansas article

  • Article

    3 keys to using UDL as a powerful antiracism tool

    Find out the keys to using UDL as a powerful antiracism tool in this fantastic contributed article by CAST author Andratesha Fritzgerald in District Administration.

    Read the District Administration article

  • Podcast

    Teaching Learning Leading K12: Bryan Dean

    In this episode of Dr. Steven Miletto's Teaching Learning Leading K12 podcast, CAST UDL Innovation Specialist Bryan Dean discusses what our most marginalized students can teach us about learning design.

    Listen to the Teaching Learning Leading K12 podcast episode

  • Article

    How to encourage teachers to embrace Universal Design for Learning

    Kara Arundel from K–12 Dive wrote this helpful article after attending CAST author Jennifer Pusateri's session at the 8th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: Learner Voice in late July 2022.

    Read the K–12 Dive Article

  • Article

    How to create inclusive learning environments with UDL

    CAST Technical Assistance Specialist Luis Pérez shares via eSchool News how the UDL framework can help teachers shape inclusive learning environments and can support K–12 leaders in implementing new programs.

    Read the eSchool News article

  • Podcast

    Think UDL: Career & Technical Education with Luis Pérez & Tracey Hall

    Listen to or read the transcript from LIllian Nave's Think UDL podcast episode featuring CAST Technical Assistance Specialist Luis Pérez and CAST Senior Research Scientist & Instructional Designer Tracey Hall, where they discuss UDL in career and technical education programs.

    Access the Think UDL episode

  • Article

    CAST's Cynthia Curry on supporting accessibility for all learners

    From McGraw Hill, CAST Director of Technical Assistance, Cynthia Curry, describes what drives her work.

    Read the McGraw Hill article

  • Podcast

    UDL Research in 15 Minutes: Tara Courchaine

    On Loui Lord Nelson's podcast, Tara Courchaine, the Chief Research and Development Officer at CAST, shares two programs that directly support classroom educators: The Accessible Educational Materials Center (the AEM Center) and the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems (CITES).

    Access the UDL Research in 15 Minutes podcast episode

  • Article

    Women Of The C-Suite: Lindsay Jones Of CAST On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive

    In this Women of the C-Suite interview with Sara Connell, learn about what drives CAST CEO LIndsay Jones and her advice for other women in leadership.

    Read the Sara Connell interview

  • Article

    Inclusive strategies in CTE courses improve student engagement

    In this article from K–12 Dive, author Kara Arundel speaks to CAST Educational Research Scientist Amanda Bastoni and CTE educators about how UDL implementation is a natural fit with CTE programs.

    Read the K–12 Dive article

  • Podcast

    Re-imagine The User

    In this podcast interview from Kevin Hogan at The Hogan Report (THR), CAST CEO Lindsay Jones shares her "cocktail party" definition of UDL and talks about how we all need to expand our minds when it comes to desigining student instruction.

    Listen to the THR podcast

  • Video

    10 Minutes with Barb & Ron

    Barb Gentille Green and Ron Rogers celebrated their 50th episode by interviewing CAST CEO Lindsay Jones. Find out what drew Lindsay to CAST, some common barriers she finds in education, and how UDL can address those barriers.

    Watch the video from Barb & Ron

  • Article

    5 Ways CTE Incorporates Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

    In this article from Tech & Learning, author Erik Ofgang discusses with CAST Educational Research Scientist Amanda Bastoni and CAST Technical Assistance Specialist Luis Pérez how UDL is often inherently employed by CTE instructors in their classrooms, offering lessons for all educators.

    Read the Tech & Learning article

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