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UDL Awards 2024

Join us in recognizing the champions of Universal Design for Learning. Awards will be presented at UDLCon: International on July 30th, 2024 Sacramento, CA

In honor of our 40th Anniversary, CAST proudly presents the inaugural Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Awards, recognizing exemplary leaders and distinctive contributions that drive innovation and inclusivity in education. As we mark this significant milestone, we proudly embrace our journey of evolution and innovation, recognizing the transformative impact of UDL as we envision the next 40 years of educational excellence.

CAST annually honors recipients of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Awards, celebrating outstanding achievements and contributions that enrich the inclusive learning landscape.

Award categories are current and relevant and reflect the emerging innovations in the Universal Design for Learning landscape. This year's awards are the Anne Meyer UDL Design Award, the David Rose UDL Research Award, and the UDL Innovative Practice Award. Visit the 2024 Category Explorer to review the current set of awards that open for nomination on March 1, 2024.

Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 UDL Awards

We’re thrilled to host the 2024 UDL Awards! Here, we outline everything you need to know.

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2024 UDL Awards Nomination Guide

This guide is here to help you prepare and submit a nomination for the 2024 UDL Awards.

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Awards Categories

We invite nominations in the following categories: Anne Meyer UDL Design Award, David Rose UDL Research Award, and the UDL Innovative Practice Award.

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2024 Committee Members

Meet the 2024 UDL Awards Committee

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Get Inspired! Join the Awards Community Process

The UDL Awards celebrate innovation, inclusivity, and the advancement of UDL principles.  All nominations come from the education community, and the awards committee completes the review and award selection process.  We encourage our community to nominate individuals, organizations, and projects that inspire them for the 2024 UDL Awards.  Your nominations drive both recognition and innovation in UDL and inclusive education.

Questions or Comments?

For any questions about the UDL Awards and the process for 2024, contact McKenzie Nichols at

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