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2024 UDL Awards Nomination Guide

UDL Awards

What or Who to Nominate?

Seeking inspiration for your nominations? Consider individuals, projects, or organizations that have made significant contributions to the world of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Reflect on the impact of innovative initiatives and the spirit of openness within the realm of education. Embrace the opportunity to recognize outstanding leaders in the field by submitting your nominations for the 2024 UDL Awards today! Self-nominations are allowed.

Which Award/Category should you use for your nomination?

The 2024 UDL Awards comprise three primary categories. Explore our new 2024 Awards Category Guide to determine the most suitable category for your nomination idea.

Who or What is Eligible for a UDL Award?

  • Nominees for UDL Awards may include individuals or projects that contribute to the advancement of Universal Design for Learning.
  • Self-nominations are welcome.
  • Current Staff and Board Members of CAST are not eligible for awards.

Nominate a Candidate

Questions or Comments?

For any questions about the UDL Awards and the process for 2024, contact McKenzie Nichols at

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