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Partner with CAST Using ARP Funds

We know many of you are thinking deeply about how to make the best use of ARP funds as we come to the end of the school year.

The COVID pandemic has clearly had a profound impact on learning and relationships in our communities, so CAST has designed a suite of customized professional learning opportunities to help your district accelerate learning as your schools put the pandemic behind them.

Many of you will be facing learning loss, social-emotional concerns, and a widening equity gap. As you know, Universal Design for Learning is an evidence-based framework for achieving equitable educational outcomes for all.

Our professional learning solutions will help you to:

  • Redesign systems and structures that enable students to continue grade- level work while filling in gaps
  • Restore a welcoming culture that supports the social, emotional, and academic learning of all learners no matter their pandemic experience
  • Implement strategies to rebuild trust by engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative re-design process
  • Design assessments without barriers to measure student learning accurately
  • Assist educators in designing lessons and learning environments that are accessible to all learners regardless of where they are in the curriculum.

We offer guidance for short-term summer work that will get your district prepared to welcome students back to school in the fall, as well as longer-term professional learning opportunities that will help enable you to make permanent improvements with this one-time investment of ARP funds.

Reach out to us today!

We can help you invest in your staff to address learning loss through Universal Design for Learning.


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