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Accessibility & Inclusive Technology

Much of CAST's work since 1984 has focused on accessibility and how important accessibility is in any learning environment. Our Centers and projects focus on expanding the availability and use of accessible materials as well as creating more inclusive technology systems that incorporate accessible systems and practices.

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Illustration of a series of media representing varied ways of feeling, seeing and hearing content.

AEM Center: National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning

Accessible materials are an essential component in UDL implementation. Learn how the AEM Center can help ramp up your accessible materials systems and practices.

CITES logo: Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems

CITES: Framing the Future of Learning with Technology

We're framing the future of learning and technology by bringing together educational technology, information technology, and assistive technology.

Worker fixing an engine

AccessATE: Accessibility for Community College Technician Education

Supporting community and technical colleges in developing and maintaining accessible materials and practices.

Screenshots of Clusive library, and open article with settings panel.

CISL: Creating Digital Tools to Empower Students

Together we will transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in and succeed in digital learning.

CIDDL logo: Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning

CIDDL: A Digital Network for Innovative Practices in Education

We're helping preservice education faculty in using edtech for more inclusive instruction.

Screenshot of the COLSD web site home page

COLSD: Making Online Learning Accessible & Effective

Does online learning work for students with disabilities?

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