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Cracks in the Foundation: The Past & Future of the UDL Guidelines


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

3:30PM – 4:30PM ET

Allison Posey


  • David Rose, CAST Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer, Emeritus
  • Jenna Gravel, CAST Director of Research for Professional Learning
  • Nicole Tucker-Smith, CEO of Lessoncast


In the article Cracks in the Foundation: Personal Reflection on the Past and Future of the UDL Guidelines, CAST Co-Founder David Rose outlines critical barriers to learning such as racism, genderism, ethnocentrism, and ableism. He argues that UDL must play a stronger, more explicit role in addressing these injustices and barriers.

In this interactive webinar, we want to hear from you. Where are there barriers related to bias and how learners are treated based on their identity that the UDL Guidelines need to better address? Where do you find there to be cracks in the UDL foundation? Please review the article before the webinar and come with your questions, ideas, and concerns, as the updates to the UDL Guidelines need to include the unique perspectives from each of you.

David will be joined by co-authors Jenna Gravel, CAST Director of Research for Professional Learning, and Nicole Tucker-Smith, CEO of Lessoncast. They will provide context to the article and behind-the-scenes insights into the process of writing it. They will share about the UDL Rising to Equity initiative to re-envision the UDL Guidelines and, most importantly, they want to learn from you.

Digital Handout (Google Doc)

Recording (YouTube)

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