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CAST's 2nd Annual Symposium: Building Community and Practice around Engagement

CAST's 2nd Annual UDL Symposium, August 8-10

Monday, August 8 – Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Harvard Law School Campus
Cambridge, MA

CAST Staff & Global UDL Leaders

Engagement is essential for learning, so how do we design learning experiences that engage all learners? Join CAST and educators, administrators, curriculum designers, technology leaders, specialists, advocacy groups, and researchers as we explore the latest research and UDL strategies for motivating learners and helping them become more purposeful in high-level learning. At the symposium participants and speakers will engage in a variety of session types to:

  • Discuss new research around the UDL Engagement Guidelines
  • Learn creative UDL implementation strategies around engagement
  • Explore innovative tools and resources to bring UDL to life in your work
  • Share your work and experience, especially around the engagement principle, with the growing UDL field

Presenters will include experts in UDL practice, research, instructional design, and learning analytics. Participants will be invited to actively construct and share strategies and experiences throughout the discussions. Upon completion of the Symposium, participants will receive an official CAST certificate. 

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