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Professional Learning

Access our overview of professional learning training opportunities for schools, districts, states, and individuals.

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CAST offers many opportunities for educators at all levels—and their organizations—to build their understanding and practice of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), accessibility, and professional development. We also have several long term projects related to educator and instructor professional learning and its impacts on teaching and learning.

Developed by CAST, UDL draws on insights from the learning sciences and proven best practices to help educators reach and teach all learners. 

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We're happy to connect with you about our online courses, institutes, UDL-Con: International, and will build customized solutions to meet your needs.

Please note: CAST staff are available for onsite services if all participants are masked. This policy will be monitored and revised as the global health situation changes.

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Featured Projects

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Screenshot of the Micro-Credentials page on the NOCTI website

Developing a UDL Micro-Credential for CTE Educators: One District’s Approach

The materials and resources are all designed to help CTE educators understand how they can use UDL to help learners sustain their effort and persistence.

Graphic of the state of Michigan with two photos of learners and mentors in CTE environments

Improving Michigan’s Postsecondary Career & Technical Education

We're improving career and technical education across the state of Michigan by developing a shared professional development vision and a common student-centered language focused on inclusion and the UDL framework.

A group of adults collaborating together in person

Circle Up: Integrating Academic, Social & Emotional Learning

We're co-designing a training program that uses the UDL framework to weave together academic, social, and emotional learning strategies and best practices.

Far North Literacy Development Consortium logo

FNLDC: Literacy Development in Northern California

We're building teacher capacity for literacy instruction across disciplines through Universal Design for Learning.

A science teacher working with students, SNUDLE projected on a whiteboard behind them

OASIS: Empowering Science Teachers with Research-based Coaching

We're designing sustainable, enhanced professional development for our universally designed digital science notebook.

COOL: Coaching on Learning logo with various learning- and collaboration-related icons surrounding it

Project COOL: A Scalable UDL Coaching Model

We're building a new model for instructional coaches, including new systems, resources, and microcredentials to impact student learning.

Young person with a protective visor and helmet working with a large power tool

Supporting CTE Teaching in Remote & Hybrid Learning Environments

We're partnering with CTE programs in NH to support hands-on teaching in remote and hybrid environments

Photo of a mother and daughter speaking with an educator

IEP Improvement Project: Empowering Massachusetts Schools to Improve Service to Students

Family engagement in the IEP process is essential. Learn more about our professional learning work in Massachusetts to ensure a more equitable IEP process.

Photo of two educators looking at the UDL Guidelines and working on a sticky note activity

CCIL: Inclusive Literacy for California Students

We're working with California educators to design and deliver more inclusive literacy instruction.

A group of educators collaborating with sticky notes and the UDL Guidelines

NH UDL: New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network

We're supporting New Hampshire educators in building and sustaining a state-wide model for UDL implementation.

Intro to assessments and photo of Amanda Bastoni

A UDL Perspective on Assessment

Learn more about our interactive professional learning on UDL and assessments through interactive video modules.

Photo of an educator recording themselves with a video camera

UDL Video Club: Building Teacher Capacity to Reach All Learners

Educators in New Hampshire's remote North Country are working with CAST on a Virtual UDL Video Club to share and explore ways of enhancing their practice.

Photo of a student and teacher working together, screenshot of Corgi on a tablet

Corgi 2020: Scaling Models for the Classrooms of Tomorrow

Corgi graphic organizers are great on their own, but we're making them even better with a suite of professional learning resources to support their use in the classroom.

TIES Center logo

TIES Center: Meaningful Inclusion for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Supporting the development of systems that not only include more students with cognitive disabilities, but meet each learner's needs in meaningful ways.

Teacher viewing Writer's Key progress monitoring screen.

Writer's Workbench: The Keys to Writing Smarter

As an extension of our Writer's Key tool, we're building a professional learning ecosystem to support more effective writing instruction.

Photo of three people in discussion

UDL Credentials & Certifications for Educators & Product Developers

We're leading a UDL field-building initiative around credentials and certifications for educators and product developers.

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