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Fabian De Leon

Social Media Manager
Headshot of Fabian De Leon

With over 8 years of experience in social media and public relations across various industries, Fabian is a seasoned Sr. Social Media and Content Strategist. His expertise spans e-commerce, software technology, medical aesthetics, and wine/spirits, where he seamlessly blends creativity with strategic insight to craft compelling narratives that enable brands to find their unique voice online. 

Fabian's proven track record in driving engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and boosting conversions is a testament to his ability to create content that truly resonates with audiences. He has successfully enhanced brand visibility in e-commerce, simplified complex tech concepts, established thought leadership in the field of medical aesthetics, and elevated brand prestige in the wine and spirits industry through his adept storytelling. 

A data-driven strategist, Fabian leverages analytics to refine and enhance social strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and measurable success. 

Outside of his professional life, Fabian is an avid traveler, having recently explored eight countries in Europe. His diverse interests include pop culture, trained dancing, and sociology, all of which contribute to his unique, well-rounded perspective in his work. 

My Inspiration

MTV's The Real World sparked Fabian's media passion and commitment to diversity. 

"This is the true story...of seven strangers... picked to live in a house... (work together) and have their lives find out what happens...The Real World!"


University of Phoenix- B.S Communications in Marketing  

University of Phoenix- B.S Applied Psychology in Media and Technology  

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