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Bryan Dean

UDL Innovation Specialist
Photo of Bryan Dean

Bryan Dean is CAST's Innovation Specialist. Bryan has been working with hard-to-reach students with emotional impairments, conduct disorder, behavioral difficulties, and low interest for more than 20 years. Bryan has experience designing professional learning around learner experience design, specially-designed instruction, Universal Design for Learning, new teacher induction, Design Thinking, deep learning, and strategies for students in emotional dysregulation. In addition to the designing of professional learning, he has designed virtual learning environments, worked on longitudinal system implementation and design, designed organizational culture and climate/culture change models, and developed a unique UDL coaching system based on appreciative and ontological coaching matrices.

Beyond the age of information, there is the age of choices.

Charles Eames, A Computer Perspective: Background to the Computer Age, New Edition

My Inspiration

For me, this is the essence of Learning Design and UDL. The information exists and has been catalogued. How we choose to use, iterate upon, and learn from it is what defines our future as humans.


M.A.T. Educational Technology, Curriculum, and Instruction, Madonna University
M. A. Teaching and Learning (k12A), Madonna University
B.A. English Language Arts (6-12), Eastern Michigan University
B.A. Special Education Emotionally Impaired (K-26), Eastern Michigan University

Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

Rise of the Influencer
UDL Talk with Joni Degner, 2019 UDL-IRN International Summit

Leveraging Agile Space to Champion Learner Variability
UDL Talk, 2019 UDL-IRN International Summit

UDL: Beyond Framework to Educational Operating System
End of Average Talk, 2018 UDL-IRN International Summit

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