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  • Photo of McKenzie Nicholis

    Community Relations & Event Manager

    As the Community Relations & Event Manager, McKenzie Nicholis oversees community outreach, supports membership engagement, and plans professional learning events.

  • Photo of Laura Cutone Godwin

    Director of Marketing & Sales

    As Director of Marketing & Sales, Laura Cutone Godwin develops and implements innovative marketing and sales campaigns for CAST’s varied line of products and services.

  • Photo of Steve Crosby

    Independent Consultant & Co-Founder, The Civic Action Project

    A member of CAST's Board of Directors since 1995, Steve Crosby has over 45 years of experience in policymaking, entrepreneurship, non-profits, and academics.

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  • Podcast
    The Accessible Learning Experience | CAST, Illustrations of a microphone, sound waves, digital text, and wifi

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2023

    In this episode, CAST Disability and Digital Inclusion Lead Luis Perez chats with Mia Murphy and Chris Smith from the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS).

  • Report
    A tab for adjusting text settings including text size, line spacing, letter spacing, and font pops up over an article in a digital reading environment.

    CISL at CAST, 2023

    Making text sizes larger or smaller as needed can benefit readers of different ages and those with visual impairments. Having the ability to change the text size easily means that readers can easily use larger print when needed.

  • Report
    Screenshot of Clusive switch panel that has text with least challenge, more challenge, or most challenge.

    CISL at CAST, 2023

    Text leveling is a process in which text is modified manually by a human to be simpler or more complex to fit a student’s reading skills. Text leveling is beneficial because educators can match reading materials to individual learners’ skill levels.

  • Book cover for Antiracism & Universal Design for Learning

    Wednesday, August 5, 2020

    CAST is thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of this timely new title by veteran teacher and administrator in urban schools, Andratesha Fritzgerald.

  • Photo of David Rose

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    CAST Co-Founder David Rose received the J.E. Wallace Wallin Special Education Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council for Exceptional Children.

  • Photo of Symposium participants

    Learn more about the Annual CAST UDL Symposium, an opportunity to learn and grow the field through engaging conversations and incredibly powerful learning experiences. Let's grow the field of UDL together.

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