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CAST’s staff contribute to books, journal articles, policy statements, magazine and newsletter pieces, and are also contributors to radio programs, podcasts, blogs, and videos.

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CAST Professional Publishing produces books and other resources that help educators at all levels improve their practice—and change students’ lives—through Universal Design for Learning (UDL).


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An evolving resource collection to support inclusive remote learning, highlighting high-leverage topics that matter to you right now.

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Key Questions to Consider When Planning Lessons

An alternate way to consider the UDL Guidelines is to look at some key questions that each Guideline answers. When planning a lesson or unit, consider these questions to ensure that the environment is flexible and inclusive of all learners.


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UDL Tips for Designing Learning Experiences

How can we design learning experiences so that they are meaningful and challenging for all learners?


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UDL & the Learning Brain

What we know about the brain is central to the Universal Design for Learning Framework. Knowing key facts about the brain from a UDL perspective can help inform learning design to address learner variability. Find out more in this downloadable resource designed for educators.


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