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Online Tools

As part of our barrier-busting mission, CAST offers a number of robust (and often free) learning tools. These tools—many designed and tested as part of CAST’s research projects—help educators, developers, families, and other individuals experience the power of flexible learning environments.

Clusive logo and the toggle character from the tool

Clusive®️: An Accessible, Digital Reading Platform

Try our free, adaptive, and accessible web-based reader for students in grades 5–12.

Learn about Clusive

Corgi logo and a Corgi looking up at blank graphic organizer templates

Corgi: Co-organize Your Learning

Corgi takes what’s already great about graphic organizers and makes them even more flexible and accessible.

Learn about Corgi

Biofab Explorer: Invent your future

Biofab Explorer

Invent your future. Explore this free career guidance resource created to attract and inspire students to the emerging field of biofabrication.

Visit biofab explorer

TIES Center logo, with an icon for two teachers collaborating and clocks measuring 5, 15, and 45 minutes

TIES Lessons for All: The 5-15-45 Tool

Five minutes is all you need to get started creating more inclusive lessons for all students through collaboration with colleagues.

Visit the 5-15-45 Tool

Figuration logo

CAST Figuration®️

A feature-rich, responsive, mobile-first, accessible, front-end framework for web developers. Get started fast with reusable components, interactive widgets, and customization options with plenty of examples and documentation.

Learn about CAST Figuration

Learning Designed logo with characters from the introductory video

Learning Designed™

Your education power tool for a changing world. Join the community, earn your UDL credentials and certifications, and meet other like-minded educators focused on Universal Design for Learning.

Learn about Learning Designed

Illustration of three UDL brain networks: affective, recognition, strategic

UDL Guidelines™

A tool used in the implementation of Universal Design for Learning that can be applied to any discipline or domain to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities.

Visit the UDL Guidelines

AEM Pilot logo

AEM Pilot

Designed for teams that represent the range of AEM-related services and supports in schools and communities, including administration, instruction, technology, data management, and students and families.

Visit the AEM Pilot

Screenshot of the CAST UDL Studio home page

UDL Studio™

Make universally designed educational materials with levels of learning supports, assessments, and interactive elements.

Visit CAST UDL Studio

Screenshot of the CAST UDL Exchange home page

UDL Exchange™

Create, remix, and share instructional resources based on UDL and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Visit CAST UDL Exchange

Screenshot of the UDL Bookbuilder home page

UDL Book Builder™

Develop your own digital books to support reading instruction and literacy learning.

Visit CAST UDL Book Builder

Image showing three iSolveIt math apps

iSolveIt™ Math Puzzles

Innovative, research-based iPad games that teach essential math reasoning and problem-solving skills. Grades 6 and up.

Visit CAST iSolveIt

Screenshot of a UDL Editions web page

UDL Editions™

Publicized by Google around the world, UDL Editions is a model for presenting classic texts from world literature in a flexible online interface with just-in-time, individualized supports for struggling and expert readers alike.

Visit CAST UDL Editions

CAST's Online Tool Museum

Explore a selection of CAST's online tools from the past. These well-loved products influence our current work, but are no longer maintained as stand-alone applications.

Screenshots from the UDL Curriculum Toolkit product
Retired: 2022

UDL Curriculum Toolkit

Learn about the UDL Curriculum Toolkit, an open-source web application designed to support the creation of interactive, multimedia curricula.

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