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Corgi: Co-Organize Your Learning

Corgi logo and a Corgi looking up at blank graphic organizer templates

Educators use graphic organizers every day to help students build higher-order thinking skills and develop as expert learners. Graphic organizers offer just-in-time organizational support to help learners process and make use of new learning. 

Corgi takes what’s already great about graphic organizers and infuses the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to make them even more flexible and accessible. Corgi includes a suite of next generation of graphic organizers that:

  • help students and educators co-organize their learning in a digital, Google App environment. This provides opportunity  for real-time collaboration and just-in-time feedback
  • come with built-in guides for graphic organizers, including graphic organizers that support comparison, cause and effect, and question exploration
  • have in-app language translations, read-aloud options, a built-in dictionary, and multimedia content and supports
  • integrate with Google Drive to enable learners to use images and text in their responses, including options for speech-to-text
  • include options to review or convert information into Google slides presentations.

Corgi offers improved in-app support for learners and teachers to use wherever they are—in the classroom, in virtual settings, or at home. It provides options for students to visualize concepts in new ways and promotes engagement for learning.

How does Corgi work?

Learn about the features we've built into Corgi, including dictation, the ability to add images to your Corgi Guide, focus mode, and more!

Visit the new and improved Corgi

Want to help us make Corgi even better?

We need your expertise to help us make these tools work best for you and your students. Fill out our Corgi interest form to get involved. We’re excited to work with you!

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