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Institutes & Online Courses

Through our mission to make the methods, materials, and assessments of learning flexible and engaging, CAST provides practitioners with instructional design and teaching strategies to make curricula more effective. Educators can benefit from a variety of online courses, onsite institutes, and other opportunities to expand and enrich their practice. Administrators can explore UDL and discover implementation strategies that support sustainable change. UDL experts can help pave the way to address system-wide solutions to meet the challenge of reaching the widest variety of learners in the most effective way possible.

We also offer graduate credit for some of our online courses and institutes through our partnerships with accredited colleges and universities. Learn more in our Graduate Credit FAQ.

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Upcoming Institutes & Online Courses

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A teacher working with a young student in a wheelchair
Online Course

Self-Paced Online Courses

We offer three self-paced online courses to meet your flexible scheduling needs. No registration deadlines, three months of course access to work at your own pace.

Photo of a teacher with young students

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning: Addressing the Variability of All Learners

Learn the core concepts and foundations of UDL, practical applications of UDL to lesson design, and how to support flexible, inclusive instruction.

Thursday, June 2 – Friday, June 3, 2022

Students and teachers working at computers
Online Course

UDL101: Introduction to Universal Design for Learning

This online course is designed for anyone interested in the theory and practice of UDL.

Monday, June 6 – Monday, September 5, 2022

Collage of three postsecondary settings: a lecture hall, a lab, and on-the-job training
Online Course

Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education

Designed exclusively for higher education faculty, instructional designers, and administrators, this course includes strategies to revamp learning goals, materials, technologies, methods, and assessments to remove barriers to learning for students in postsecondary settings.

Monday, June 6 – Friday, July 29, 2022

Institutes & Workshops

This institute was excellent! I have wanted to take part in this program for quite some time and I am certainly glad I did! This has been one of the most relevant and practical professional development sessions I have attended.

CAST Institute Participant

CAST offers a variety of Institutes, short- and long-term workshops, that take place at CAST, virtually, or onsite in schools, districts, or institutions of higher learning. These face-to-face and virtual professional learning gatherings are interactive, experiential opportunities to assist educators in the development of action plans for the exploration, integration, and implementation of UDL. These two- or three-day workshops provide participants with access to innovative tools for teaching and learning that they can use in their practice or share with their constituents for large-scale problem solving around curriculum and instructional design.

Please contact Patrice Morrison for more information about our institutes.

Online Courses

I REALLY appreciated being a “student” in a UDL structured course, so I could see what it is like to have choices in how I learn about a topic and how I express my growth as a student.

CAST Online Learning Participant

We offer both facilitated and non-facilitated scheduled and self-paced online courses. Courses range in length from 5 to 15 weeks, and course topics include Introduction to Universal Design for Learning, UDL and ELL, UDL and Affect, and Planning for Cultural and Linguistic Variability with UDL. All scheduled courses are facilitated and run every spring, summer, and fall. Self-paced courses (both facilitated and non-facilitated) run continuously throughout the year. Participants can begin these courses at any time. For courses that have 7 or fewer sessions, participants will have unlimited course access for three months from the date of enrollment. For courses that have more than 7 sessions, participants will have unlimited course access for four months from the date of enrollment. Many of our online courses provide the option to register for graduate credit from accredited universities that have partnered with CAST.

We also offer these courses to groups from PreK-postsecondary institutions, as well as other organizations. The courses can run at any time during the year that is convenient for the organization.

See our Online Course Withdrawal Policy.

Please contact Alie Berg for more information about any of our online courses.

Customized Solutions

CAST’s Customized Solutions enable any educational organization to work closely with CAST UDL experts to identify issues and challenges; develop goals and action plans for sustainable change;  facilitate discussions around how to build consensus among teams and cohorts; and implement professional learning solutions that make a difference.  Through our customized solutions, we guide educators as they consider how to benefit from the UDL framework, whether you are developing awareness of UDL or are ready to implement.

CAST’s customized solutions are designed to address the needs that educational organizations face in meeting the challenges of learner variability.  We work with educational leaders and collaboratively plan the right combination of services that may include:

  • Online courses, webinars, and onsite workshops that offer blended learning opportunities
  • Consultation that assists in the development of an action plan for UDL implementation and capacity building at the organizational level
  • Coaching that is facilitated by CAST professional learning experts to  support the integration of UDL into educational practices
  • Curriculum review focusing on aligning the goals, assessments, methods, and materials to the UDL framework and other standards.
  • UDL Implementation services using CAST’s five-phase process including Explore, Prepare, Integrate, Scale, and Optimize.

For more information about our Customized Solutions or to book your consultation, contact Madeline Reggiannini.

Please note: CAST staff are available for onsite services if all participants are masked. This policy will be monitored and revised as the global health situation changes.

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