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Supporting UDL Implementation

Learners in postsecondary and career preparation contexts
Postsecondary & CTE: Instructor-Led Course

Monday, June 17 – Friday, August 9, 2024

Online only!

Live Zoom Dates 
All presentations will be held from 12:00 – 1:30 pm ET 

  • Monday, June 17, 2024: Course Kickoff 

  • Monday, July 15, 2024: Mid-course Check-in 

  • Friday, August 9, 2024 Course Wrap-Up 

Module Titles 

  • Module 1: Evaluating and Improving Practice Through Journey Mapping 

  • Module 2: Creating Policies That Sustain Inclusive Practices  

  • Module 3: Assessment: A Case Study of UDL in Action 

  • Module 4: Action Planning for Sustainability 

CAST’s Introduction: Explore Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary or CTE. 


With a focus on application, this course will expose participants to tools and strategies for building UDL practices into the existing processes and policies at their institution, including:    

  • Using journey mapping to evaluate existing practices and develop action plans for making adjustments that improve the learner experience for everyone  

  • Developing policies that communicate inclusion and access as core institutional values infused at all levels of interaction with learners, from the course syllabi to accessibility statements posted on institutional websites  

  • Rethinking assessment practices to ensure equitable measures of student learning  

  • Developing messaging to convince stakeholders of the value of UDL along with action plans for ensuring implementation of UDL at an institutional level is sustainable  

The course will be structured using a community of practice model where participants will be welcomed to share problems of practice from their own settings that will serve as starting points for discussion and brainstorming of potential approaches and solutions with wide applicability.  

Who should enroll? 

This course is designed for professionals in postsecondary and CTE (Career and Technical Education) settings who after participating in the introductory course have gained a basic understanding of UDL and accessibility core concepts and are now ready to apply the UDL framework to bring about institutional change that results in more accessible and inclusive environments through changes in policies, procedures, and practices. 

Course Structure 

This eight-week course consists of 4 modules, each lasting two-weeks in length. We will begin with a 90-minute live Zoom presentation welcoming you to the course and explaining the following eight weeks. 

Each module will include 60-90 minutes of self-paced content, and one facilitated small group meeting. Small group meetings will occur on a bi-weekly basis.  

There will be a second 90-minute live Zoom presentation midway through to course to gather the large group together for a check-in. Lastly, we will conclude the course with a 90-minute live wrap-up Zoom presentation in November. 

All live sessions will be recorded and posted on the website for those who may need to miss a session, though we encourage you to be present, if possible, to get the most of your learning experience. 

Online Course Withdrawal Policy 

Withdrawals must be submitted via email to Monica Pascoa, Workforce Operations and Project Coordinator at

Full refunds will be given to participants who email their withdrawal up to seven days after the start of the course. 

Due to course demand, grading, and other work done on the part of the course instructors and administrators, no refunds can be provided for withdrawals or no-shows once the above-listed deadlines have passed. 


Tuition: $1,250 per person; includes Level 2 UDL Credential 

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