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Introduction to Universal Design for Learning

Collage of three postsecondary settings: a lecture hall, a lab, and on-the-job training
Postsecondary: Instructor-Led Course

Monday, June 3 – Sunday, July 28, 2024

Former Course Title: Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education


Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn can make the postsecondary teaching and learning experience better for everyone. At the core of the UDL framework is the belief that learners are variable — what works for one learner will not work for the entire class. CAST offers a hybrid course to prepare higher education faculty, instructional designers, and administrators to apply the Universal Design for Learning framework in their courses and programs. The course content includes strategies to revamp learning goals, materials, technologies, methods, and assessments to remove barriers to learning for students. Creating and procuring accessible educational materials and technologies is emphasized as a critical aspect of UDL implementation. Upon course completion participants are eligible to submit a portfolio to receive the Postsecondary UDL Credential.

Using the UDL framework and its practical guidelines, participants will gain:

  • A broad overview of the UDL framework and its applications to postsecondary learning environments
  • Skills required to create and vet accessible educational materials
  • An understanding of how to support self-regulation and executive function for learners
  • Strategies for assessing student learning that incorporate flexibility in how students respond


Tuition: $850 per person; includes Postsecondary UDL Credential

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Who should enroll?

This course is designed primarily for instructors (faculty, adjuncts, lecturers), instructional designers, and administrators at postsecondary institutions.

Course Structure

This 8-week course consists of 4 modules, each lasting two-weeks in length. Each module will have one large-group, 90-minute, live Zoom session, one 60-minute facilitated small group meeting and self-paced learning.

Live sessions will be recorded and posted on the website for those who may need to miss a session, though we encourage you to be present, if possible, to get the most of your learning experience.

Sample Module Schedule:

  • Week 1: 90-minute live zoom session; remainder of the week self-paced learning
  • Week 2: 60-minute small group facilitated meeting; remainder of the week self-paced learning

Self-paced learning includes a website with online content from our trainers and a virtual workbook with writing prompts and to use for notetaking as you work through each module.

Online Course Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals must be submitted via email to Sarah Hocking, Postsecondary & Workforce Operations Manager at Please note the specific withdrawal policies:

Full refunds will be given to participants who email their withdrawal up to 7 days after the start of the course.

Due to course demand, grading, and other work done on the part of course instructors and administrators, no refunds can be provided for withdrawals or no-shows once the above-listed deadlines have passed.

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