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  • Video
    AEM Takeaway: Defining Accessible Formats. Spotlight: Crystal Patrick, Consultant for Visual Impairment, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2023

    Build an understanding of what accessible formats are and how they can be used to break down barriers with print and digital text based materials for eligible students.

  • Video
    AEM Takeaway: NIMAS Basics. Spotlight: Jessica Solomon: Senior NIMAS Coordinator, McGraw Hill

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2024

    The National Instructional Materials Access Center supports K-12 students who require braille and other accessible formats by providing states with a national source file repository to help expedite the production of these formats. In this video, you will explore the basics of NIMAC and develop a better understanding of the process.

  • Video
    AEM Takeaway: NIMAS 101. Spotlight: Rachel Shultz: Accessible Educational Materials Specialist, OCALI

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2024

    The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) is a special source file format that is used to produce a range of accessible formats on behalf of K-12 students with vision impairments and/or print disabilities.

  • Video
    AEM Takeaway: NIMAS Procurment. Spotlight: Crystal Patrick: NIMAC Coordinator, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    National AEM Center at CAST, 2024

    Under IDEA 2004, the authority to require publishers to send files to the NIMAC is entirely in the hands of customers—states and districts. Instructional materials procurement is central to ensuring that the NIMAC will have the files for the materials your students need, when they need them.

  • Article
    Illustration of a head with a maze as the brain

    D. Rose & G. Vue, 2010

    The future is imagined by “pre-creating” the Presidential Address at the IDA Annual Conference in 2020. It begins by reviewing policy changes from 2004, including the National Instruction Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), which led …

  • Article

    P. Ganley & P. K. Ralabate, 2013

    UDL Implementation: A Tale of Four Districts is the story of four school districts taking the journey into the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) implementation process.

  • Article

    T. Hall, et al., 2004

    There is no single definition of curriculum modification and definitions vary across disciplines. In this review, curriculum modification is defined as modified content, instruction, and/or learning outcomes to meet diverse students needs. …

  • Policy Brief

    J. Karger & C. Hitchcock, 2003

    The meanings of the terms access, involvement, and progress in relation to the general curriculum are defined and clarified. General curriculum is described in IDEA ‘97 as the same curriculum established for students without disabilities. …

  • Article
    Photo of a girl looking to the side

    J. Zabala, 2016

    Universal Design for Learning is the firm foundation for the education all students. Some students with more intensive support needs also require individualized services.

  • Article

    Rao & Meo, 2016

    The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework can be used to proactively design lessons that address learner variability. Using UDL guidelines, teachers can integrate flexible options and supports ...

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