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Remote Learning Resources

Screenshot of the AEM web site

Accessible Materials & Technologies

Learn to use accessible materials and technologies in early learning, K–12, higher education, and workplace settings.

Visit the AEM Center

Screenshot of the UDL On Campus website home page

Inclusive Course Design

Made for higher education, this site includes useful guidance for anyone delivering inclusive remote instruction.

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Illustration of the brain with the 3 UDL networks highlighted

Explore the Guidelines

The primary source for Universal Design for Learning implementation is based on scientific insights into how humans learn.

Visit the UDL Guidelines

Executive Functioning

Explore how to support working memory, flexible thinking, and self-regulation in remote environments.

DIY Accessible Materials

Let's make sure that learners who need assistive technologies are included, too.

  • Accessible Documents Tutorial
    Learn the right way to make Google docs, Word docs, slide shows, and PDFs in this self-guided module from the AEM Center at CAST.
  • Designing for Accessibility with POUR
    Make sure the learning materials and technologies you create and use are Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust — the POUR matrix.

Online Lesson Planning

Accessible and inclusive — designed for all from the start.

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