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Implementing the Common Core: How UDL Can Help


David Rose, Anne Meyer, and David Gordon


The Special Edge (California State Department of Education)




While the Common Core State Standards can shape our expectations for the curriculum, they cannot answer the complex question facing classroom educators each day: how to guide students to reach those standards. In this article written for California's special educators, the authors show how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can help educators craft accessible and effective learning goals, instructional methods and materials, and formative assessments to meet the demands of the Common Core. Students with disabilities and their peers and teachers need flexibility in the way learners are motivated and engaged, how standards-based content is presented, and the opportunities students have to approach learning tasks and express what they know. This flexibility—or, in a worst case, lack of it—will determine how successful we are in educating all students under the Common Core.

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Rose, D.H., Meyer, A., & Gordon, D. (2014). Reflections: Universal design for learning and the common core. The Special EDge, 27(2), 3–5.

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