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CAST Celebrates 40 Years of Impact in Education at Microsoft

Monday, May 20, 2024

Photo of CAST CEO Lindsay Jones speaking to event guests, standing in front of three banners spelling out UDL.

Lindsay Jones, CEO, CAST, speaking to the guests.

Photo credit: Jessica Latos Photography

Microsoft graciously hosted an evening of commemoration at their prestigious DC offices, marking the milestone of CAST's 40th anniversary. Surrounded by esteemed attendees, including employees, partners, policymakers, and dedicated supporters, a shared reflection ensued, honoring CAST's enduring dedication to fostering inclusive education.

Taking the lead, Lindsay Jones, CEO of CAST, delivered an inspiring address, exploring the organization's humble beginnings and evolution and looking ahead to the future of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Following her lead, Shelley Berman, Chair of the Board, shared heartfelt anecdotes and insightful reflections from CAST's early days, highlighting the enduring essence of our mission:

CAST leads, inspires, and convenes a global community to design equitable, inclusive learning experiences based on our Universal Design for Learning framework.

Black and white photo of accessibility expert Luis Perez

Luis F. Pérez, Disability & Digital Inclusion Lead, CAST, and guests listening to Lindsay Jones, CEO, CAST, speak about CAST’s 40 years of Impact in education.

Photo credit: Jessica Latos Photography

Special guests Rylin Rodgers (Disability Policy Advisor, Microsoft), Nathan Jones (Commissioner, National Center for Special Education Research), Meagan Alderton (Director of Education Innovation and Improvement. DC Special Education Cooperative), and Glenna Wright-Gallo (Assistant Secretary, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) also shared their focus and dedication to Universal Design for Learning implementation.

“While this is a time of incredible celebration as we look at how UDL has changed and the research and data and evidence-base behind it, that now is not the time to slow down or to stop or admire what we’ve accomplished. We have to move farther. Because yes, it’s been 40 years and we’ve accomplished great things, and it’s not enough.” In her speech, Wright-Gallo recognized the importance of the work we’ve already done, but also encouraged us to push beyond our current work to support the future learning of all students.

This event was a celebration of 40 years of UDL and a powerful call to action for the next 40 years as we strive to make learning accessible for all. CAST was profoundly grateful for the opportunity to reflect on four decades of pioneering work centered on UDL while eagerly anticipating a future where learning knows no limits.

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