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New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network Year 5 Report Released

The New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network Year 5 (2022) Report. CAST | Until learning has no limits®

Friday, January 6, 2023

CAST and the New Hampshire Education Department are pleased to share the Year 5 (2022) Report for the New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network. The groundbreaking partnership with CAST supports local educators in implementing the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, which helps them recognize student variability in the classroom and design education solutions so that all students can learn.

Five years after starting our statewide initiative with a handful of dedicated educators, our network has grown to over 70 participating schools and over 600 individual participants. In addition to statewide conferences, participants continued practicing UDL Instructional Rounds, in which they observe classroom teaching and analyze the work for areas of improvement; Lesson Design Studios, in which educators collaboratively learn to design and teach UDL-based lessons; A Leadership Academy for principals and administrators to analyze and build plans for universally designed school culture, teaching and learning, systems and management, and professional development; and a Coaching Academy where teacher leaders work together to support the application of UDL to the classroom and to learn how to facilitate their colleagues’ understanding and application of UDL.

“I am immensely proud of all the dedicated educators who are building a professional foundation for UDL in New Hampshire,” writes Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. “Our work with CAST continues, and for that we are grateful.”

The report concludes: “As a state, New Hampshire is a national leader in applying Universal Design for Learning. The NH UDL Innovation Network has strengthened the capacity of NH educators to design learning that provides each and every student with access and agency. Over the next few years, this capacity will be sustained and deepened by the efforts of the NHED, and the original goal—a means for deeply effective  personalized learning for every single student—will be achieved.”

Download the NH UDL Year 5 Report

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