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S.02, Ep.04: Procurement as a Collaborative Process



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Procuring or purchasing accessible educational materials and technologies will make it more likely that learners with disabilities who use assistive technology will have access at the same time as everyone else. In this episode, a team from the Francis Howell school district in Missouri speaks to the collaboration across departments that has helped them improve how accessible educational materials and technologies are purchased and provided throughout their district, with the goal of ensuring all learners are able to participate and make progress in their learning in a meaningful way.


  • Cathy Fortney, Coordinator (OT/PT, AT, ADA Compliance)
  • Jason Adams, Technology Services Manager
  • April Burton, Instructional Technology Content Leader


The contents of this podcast were developed under a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Education, #H327Z190004. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the US Department of Education and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Project Officer: Rebecca Sheffield, Ph.D.

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