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Universal Design for Learning for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Yvonne Domings, Yvel Cornel Crevecoeur, and Patricia Kelly Ralabate


Paul Brookes Publishing




The authors discuss ways that the Universal Design for Learning principles and guidelines help educators move beyond just providing access to content, enabling us to instead move toward providing access to quality learning experiences—those that help all learners achieve their full potential. When the curriculum is designed in a way that removes barriers and minimizes irrelevant demands, learners with autism spectrum disorder can and do learn and progress in the general education curriculum.

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Domings, Y., Crevecoeur, Y.C., & Ralabate, P.K.  (2014). Meeting the needs of learners with autism spectrum disorders: Universal design for learning. In K. Boser, M. Goodwin, & S.C. Wayland (Eds.), Learning technologies for people with autism and related conditions: A research-based guide for teachers, parents, and clinicians (pp. 21-42). Baltimore: Paul Brookes Publishing.

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