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Improving Preschool Reading Development: A Free Tool


Peggy Coyne, Seoin Lim, Patti Ganley, Kristin Robinson, and Samantha G.Daley


MRA Primer (Massachusetts Reading Association)




This article describes the development and promise of the Read-with-Me eBooks (RWM), a free website that provides a curriculum for professional development focused on the use of digital storybooks to advance the literacy skills of at-risk preschool students. (RWM can be used by any teacher or parent: See  The article offers a) a description of the RWM tool for emerging readers; b) a description of Universal Design for Learning, which is the foundation of the professional development curriculum; and c) a description of RWM implementation in preschools in the greater Boston area.

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Coyne, P., Lim, S., Ganley, P., Robinson, K., & Daley, S.G. (2013/2014). Universal design for learning: An approach to professional development and literacy in preschool classrooms. MRA Primer 42(2), 6-17.

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