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CAST Science Writer: A Grades 7-12 Tool for Report Writing


Stacey Reed & Peggy Coyne


Reading Today Online




Stacey Reed, a 7th grade science teacher, and Peggy Coyne, a CAST research scientist, describe CAST Science Writer, a free interactive web-based instructional tool to support students’ writing scientific reports. Based on the framework of Universal Design for Learning, Science Writer provides students with many choices and levels of support for learning. Student engagement is increased by the fact that each student makes decisions about how much or how little support they require while they develop the report. They share a chart that Stacey developed highlighting the process she uses to engage students in designing good experiments, asking good questions and communicating their thoughts in a scientific manner.

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Reed, S., & Coyne, P. (2013, October 25). Science writer and universal design for learning. Reading Today Online.

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