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UDL in Career Preparation Programs


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

2:00PM – 3:00PM ET

Allison Posey


  • Rachael Bower, Director, Internet Scout Research Group
  • Dan Larochelle, Department Chair, Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics, Manchester Community College (NH)
  • Luis Pérez, Technical Assistance Specialist, CAST


UDL can be a powerful tool to support the development of career preparation programs to make them more inclusive. The NSF funded Access ATE (Advanced Technological Education) project is partnering with CAST to provide guidance for community college educators to incorporate UDL principles and accessibility into their grant-funded work. The goal is to build the capacity of the STEM technician workforce to reach all learners.

Join Rachael Bower from AccessATE, Dan Larochelle from Manchester Community College, and Luis Pérez from CAST as they share case studies of how ATE instructors incorporate UDL into their courses and activities. We will highlight the lessons learned and tips for others who want to follow a similar journey.

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