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Reading for All, Part 2: Finding and Using High-Quality EPUB

graphic showing text being read aloud on multiple devices

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

2:00PM – 3:00PM ET

Luis Pérez, AEM Center and Christine Jones, Benetech            

K-12 Educators and Administrators, AT Specialists and Users, Media and Curriculum Specialists, Families

Level of Expertise


In part 2 of this three-part webinar series on EPUB, you and your team will learn about the built-in features of reading systems that allow learners to personalize and customize their experiences once they have downloaded a high-quality, accessible EPUB title. These features include display options, text to speech, highlighting, note taking and more. If you have a chance before the webinar, please review Personalizing the Reading Experience for helpful background information.

Recordings for the other two webinar in this series are also now available:

Webinar Recording

Digital Handout (MS Word)

Webinar Slides (MS PowerPoint)

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