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Consultation & Curriculum Design

Learn what it's like to work with CAST from a school administrator in Massachusetts.

CAST works with organizations and stakeholders in a number of fields to find ways of improving learning opportunities in today's rapidly changing world. We regularly partner with organizations in the public and private sectors to explore challenging questions in education through our consultation and curriculum design services. Our staff includes experts in human development, neuropsychology, instructional design, literacy instruction, learning analytics, technology design, accessibility, and more.

Looking for something tailored just for you?

Curriculum Consultation

CAST offers consultation on the design of curriculum units to ensure that they proactively address the variability of learners. We consult on individual lessons, instructional materials and methods, and/or assessments across content areas (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.), grade levels (pre-K – post-secondary), and settings (online, classroom, or blended).

The following services are available:

  • General overview: Includes an introduction of how to align the UDL framework in relation to unit design and lesson templates (such as UBD).
  • Pre-design: Includes support of the development of a unit or lesson template that embeds UDL principles to the content.
  • Review (‘UDL audit’): Includes UDL analysis of already designed units or lessons with recommendations for aligning to the UDL framework.

Contact Madeline Reggiannini to learn more about our curriculum consultation services.

UDL Implementation

CAST’s Implementation services enable any educational organization to work closely with CAST UDL experts to identify needs and challenges, develop goals and action plans for sustainable change, build capacity for systemic change for UDL implementation, and infuse UDL into classrooms in a systematic and data-driven way.  Using our implementation guide and resources, CAST guides educator teams in the process of UDL implementation.

CAST’s implementation services consist of the following, customized to fit your school or districts’ needs:

  • Development of a school-based implementation team
  • Consultation that assists in the development of an action plan for UDL implementation and capacity building at the organizational level
  • Online resources to support learning about UDL and onsite workshops that offer blended learning opportunities
  • Facilitation by a CAST implementation specialist to support the UDL school-based team in integrating UDL into educational practices
  • A focus on the CAST UDL implementation five-phase process including Explore (Pre-Phase), Prepare (Phase 1), Integrate (Phase 2), Scale (Phase 3), and Optimize (Phase 4)

Contact Madeline Reggiannini for more information about our UDL Implementation Services,

Customized Solutions

CAST’s Customized Solutions enable any educational organization to work closely with CAST UDL experts to identify issues and challenges; develop goals and action plans for sustainable change;  facilitate discussions around how to build consensus among teams and cohorts; and implement professional learning solutions that make a difference.  Through our customized solutions, we guide educators as they consider how to benefit from the UDL framework, whether you are developing awareness of UDL or are ready to implement.

CAST’s customized solutions are designed to address the needs that educational organizations face in meeting the challenges of learner variability.  We work with educational leaders and collaboratively plan the right combination of services that may include:

  • Online courses, webinars, and onsite workshops that offer blended learning opportunities
  • Consultation that assists in the development of an action plan for UDL implementation and capacity building at the organizational level
  • Coaching that is facilitated by CAST professional learning experts to  support the integration of UDL into educational practices
  • Curriculum review focusing on aligning the goals, assessments, methods, and materials to the UDL framework and other standards.
  • UDL Implementation services using CAST’s five-phase process including Explore, Prepare, Integrate, Scale, and Optimize.

For more information about our Customized Solutions or to book your consultation, contact Madeline Reggiannini.

Please note: CAST staff are available for onsite services if all participants are masked. This policy will be monitored and revised as the global health situation changes.

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