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UDL Guidelines 3.0 Collaborative

The UDL Guidelines 3.0 Collaborative supports and informs the process of reenvisioning CAST’s UDL Guidelines to specifically address systemic barriers to equitable learning opportunities and outcomes. The UDL Guidelines 3.0 Collaborative brings together CAST staff representing different branches of the organization as well as representatives within the larger UDL community. 

The goals of the UDL Guidelines 3.0 Collaborative include: 

  • Sharing expertise and perspectives across CAST and the UDL community.
  • Responding to and providing feedback on suggested edits/changes from the UDL Rising to Equity Advisory Board and feedback from the broader field.
  • Assisting in identifying barriers within CAST and the UDL community in terms of applying UDL as a lever to ensure equity. 
  • Informing how UDL Rising to Equity is related to existing and future work within CAST and the UDL community.
  • Shihua Brazill

    Photo of Shihua Brazill

    Dr. Shihua Brazill holds a PhD degree in Higher Education as well as a graduate certificate in College Teaching. She has over 15 years of dedicated experience in higher education. Her expertise extends to Universal Design for Learning, faculty development programming and instructional design, making her a valuable resource in the pursuit of teaching excellence, learning, and scholarship. Dr. Brazill has been actively involved in leading faculty development programs, with a particular focus on UDL, accessibility, inclusive pedagogy, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), faculty learning communities, and faculty mentoring programs. Additionally, she has designed and taught the multicultural education curriculum at Montana State University. Dr. Brazill has published widely on faculty development, instructional design, multicultural education, and social justice.

  • Tara Courchaine

    Photo of Tara Courchaine

    Dr. Tara Courchaine is the Chief Research & Development Officer at CAST. She leads CAST’s research and development department to expand CAST’s network of enduring strategic partnerships and help to ensure equitable access to learning by advancing the body of knowledge around Universal Design for Learning, supportive technologies and inclusive education. Before joining CAST, Dr. Courchaine was an Education Program Specialist in the Office of the Director in the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)  where she worked with State Professional Development Projects (SPDGs), Model Demonstration Grants and grants focused on accessibility to help SEAs, LEAs and schools meet IDEA 2004 requirements to provide accessible instructional materials.

  • Bryan Dean

    Photo of Bryan Dean

    Bryan Dean is an Instructional Designer and co-owner of DTour Professional Learning. Bryan has been working with hard-to-reach students with emotional impairments, conduct disorder, behavioral difficulties, and low interest for more than 16 years. Bryan has experience designing professional learning around learner experience design, specially-designed instruction, Universal Design for Learning, new teacher induction, Design Thinking, deep learning, and strategies for students in emotional dysregulation. He has designed virtual learning environments, worked on longitudinal system implementation and design, designed organizational culture and climate change models, and developed a unique UDL coaching system based on appreciative and ontological coaching matrices.

  • Margaret Flood

    Photo of Margaret Flood

    Margaret Flood is an Assistant Professor in Inclusive Education at Maynooth University, Ireland. Her experience in inclusive and special education includes teaching, teacher professional learning design and delivery, policy development and curriculum design. Margaret’s research interests include contextual dimensions and the role of teachers in inclusive policy and practice enactment, teacher engagement with professional learning for inclusion, student voice, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). As a Fulbright Scholar, Margaret worked with Lynch School of Education and Humanities at Boston College and CAST to explore equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice through the lens of Universal Design for Learning. Margaret is the founder and host of #UDLchatIE, the first dedicated Iris space for talking about UDSL and all things inclusion.

  • Beth Fornauf

    Photo of Beth Fornauf

    Beth Fornauf is a Research Scientist at CAST. She uses her background in qualitative research, disability studies, and teacher learning to support CAST projects at various stages of research and development. Prior to coming to CAST, Beth was an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Special Education at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. She taught courses on critical special education, research design, and inclusive education. Beth’s research explores how educators can draw on Disability Studies/Disability Critical Race Studies (DisCrit) and UDL as complementary frameworks for inclusive, equity-oriented pedagogy. Beth currently serves on the board of the New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO).

  • Christine Fox

    Photo of Christine Fox

    Christine Fox is the Project Director for the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems (CITES) at CAST. Christine supports the evaluation and reporting, budgeting, and leveraging of internal and external partnerships related to this project. Prior to joining CAST, she was the Senior Director of External Relations for the CoSN where she was responsible for corporate partnerships, professional advancement programs, and supported advocacy efforts. Previously, she served as the Deputy Executive Director, for SETDA where she charted the strategic direction of the organization and led the members’ professional learning opportunities, research and product development. Christine has worked as an educational consultant, ESOL Coordinator, and elementary school teacher.

  • Andratesha Fritzgerald

    Photo of Andratesha Fritzgerald

    Andratesha Fritzgerald has worked in education for nearly 20 years. As a teacher, curriculum specialist, and district level administrator she has embraced the hard work and heart work of leading and learning. She is an international keynote speaker, author and inclusive practices implementation consultant. Her life’s work is to awaken, celebrate and activate brilliance by breaking barriers and stereotypes of teachers, leaders and students to actualize achievement wherever it seems impossible. A self proclaimed book nerd, Jeopardy enthusiast and imagination expert, she loves writing and dreaming out loud with her husband, two children and committed educators who believe in academic success for all. Her new book, Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Success (CAST, 2020), equips teachers and leaders with the tools they need to make learning personal and possible for every child. Connect with her on or on Twitter @FritzTesha.

  • Alex Gibson

    Photo of Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson is a Learning Experience Designer at CAST. He envisions, designs, and implements accessible learning experiences that meet user-centered goals. He works alongside learning scientists, subject-matter experts, front-end developers, and engineers to push the boundaries of Universal Design for Learning into innovative, usable, and engaging online and mobile learning environments and tools. Alex has experienced firsthand the impact of CAST’s work in his own teaching space. His classrooms have been an assortment, with ages from preschool to adult and environments from the outdoors to the computer screen.

  • Richard Jackson

    Photo of Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson is a senior research scientist at CAST (1999) and an associate professor of special education at Boston College (1979). He is co-founder of INCLUDE (International Collaboratory for Leadership in Universally Designed Education, 2019), principal investigator of the CAST/Boston College project to prepare UDL leaders at the postdoctoral level (2009-2015) and director of the teaching practices partnership for the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum (2000-2005). He is currently working at the AEM Center and teaching courses in inclusive instructional design at Boston College.

  • Leila Lester

    Photo of Leila Lester

    Leila Lester is a Project Manager at CAST. She supports CAST research and development projects by being a liaison both internally and with external partners, managing timelines, and providing logistical support. Her favorite aspect of her job is turning theory into practice by bringing researchers together with teachers in the field. Prior to joining CAST, Leila taught elementary and middle school math education.

  • Eric Moore

    Photo of Eric Moore

    Eric Moore is the Director of Learning Technology at Johns Hopkins University affiliate, the Kennedy Krieger Institute. He is a career-long educator with a background in middle and high school literature and philosophy, mostly in international schools of Indonesia and Korea. Eric first came to UDL as a framework to inform his teaching and then continued to pursue UDL in scholarship and practice through his PhD. Eric had the joy of being the first ever intern to the UDL-IRN, and has since co-founded and co-chaired the UDLHE Network, chaired the first and second UDLHE Digicon, co-authored a book, UDL Navigators in Higher Education: A Field Guide, and had many opportunities to get involved with facilitating culture change in higher education locally and in partnerships with other institutions.

  • Patrice Morrison

    Photo of Patrice Morrison

    As the Operations Associate for Professional Learning at CAST, Patrice Morrison manages contracts, events, and projects while providing operational support to the Professional Learning and Workforce teams. Patrice has a diverse background in education, psychology, and business administration. Prior to joining CAST, Patrice worked in the early education field as a teacher and assistant director; providing support to young children, educators, and their families. Patrice also worked in the insurance industry for several years providing customer service and operational support to underwriting, business partners, and policyholders.

  • Sung Park

    Photo of Sung Park

    Sung Park is a Coordinator in the Inclusion Collaborative at the Santa Clara County (CA) Office of Education, providing professional development, coaching, and technical assistance for inclusive best practices. He is the Lead Coach and Coordinator of the California Equity Performance Improvement Program to promote equity for disadvantaged student populations. Previously he worked as a special education teacher for students with moderate to severe disabilities, in a variety of different settings, and was instrumental in developing successful inclusive programs at both high school and community college sites.

  • Luis Pérez

    Photo of Luis Pérez

    Luis Pérez is the Disability & Digital Inclusion Lead for CAST. He promotes the creation, delivery and use of high quality accessible educational materials and technologies to support equitable learning opportunities for all students. Luis’s perspective is informed by his own lived experience as a person with a disability and multilingual learner. Luis has been recognized with numerous awards including  an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Making It Happen! Award in 2020. He has published three books on accessibility, mobile learning, and UDL, and he currently serves as a Transition and Workplace Accessibility strand advisor for the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA).

  • Allison Posey

    Photo of Allison Posey

    Allison Posey is an international leader for professional learning and implementation of Universal Design for Learning. She works at CAST, where she collaborates with researchers and educators to apply current understandings from brain research to instructional practices so all students can access, integrate, and become expert learners. Prior to CAST, Allison was a life science teacher. She received a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is the author of Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning that Taps into the Power of Emotions (ASCD, 2018) and the coauthor of Unlearning: Change your Beliefs and Practice with UDL (CAST Publishing, 2020).

  • Jennifer Pusateri

    Photo of Jennifer Pusateri

    Jennifer Pusateri is the Universal Design Consultant for the University of Kentucky's Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. Jennifer is a co-chair for the international UDLHE (UDL in Higher Ed.) Network and is a member of the CAST National Faculty. Before arriving at the University of Kentucky, Jennifer worked for the Kentucky Department of Education where she served as an education consultant specializing in UDL. In her early career, Pusateri taught at a nationally recognized school for students (K-8) with specific learning disabilities (SLD) in Louisville, Kentucky.  Jennifer working toward her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction.

  • Melissa Sanjeh

    Photo of Melissa Sanjeh

    Melissa Sanjeh brings her experience as a teacher, licensed social worker, school leader, and school designer to the work of equity. Prior to working at CAST, she spent 17 years in Boston’s Alternative School Network where she helped to refine instruction, systems, and structures to serve the needs of students who had been pushed out of their traditional schools. She implemented changes such as a competency based model, a trauma sensitive school environment, and restorative practices as an alternative to discipline. She believes strongly in access and equity and has a passion for working with students who have traditionally been marginalized.

  • Susan Shapiro

    Photo of Susan Shapiro

    Susan Shapiro works on CAST’s Professional Learning team. Prior to CAST, she taught courses about learning design and coordinated a graduate teacher education program at Plymouth State University.  Susan worked as a research associate at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability and as an educational consultant at the University of Vermont’s Center for Disability and Community Inclusion. Susan taught in the Special Education Department at the University of New Hampshire’s Graduate School for nearly a decade and more recently at Lasell University. She began her career as an inclusion facilitator and a classroom teacher in public elementary schools.

  • Shauntā Singer

    Photo of Shauntā Singer

    Shauntā Singer, Ph.D., is the Content Specialist for Learning Designed at CAST, where she curates and maintains resources that support the understanding and implementation of UDL. She is also involved with various projects at CAST. Alongside this work, Shauntā teaches classes related to multiculturalism, special education, and culturally sustaining pedagogies. She has a passion for helping preservice and in-service teachers with honoring learners. Her formal and experiential education serves as a solid foundation for supporting educators in ensuring access and opportunity, while considering equity and diversity in reverencing the unique backgrounds, experiences, and identities of students.

  • Donald Walker

    Photo of Donald Walker

    Donald Walker is a Career & Technical Education Specialist at CAST. He delivers in-person and remote professional learning, technical assistance, coaching, guidance, and support in a variety of contexts across the country and assisting with CTE-based grant writing, data analysis, and content development. Donald’s professional career includes Director of Education at Specs at Howard School of Media Arts (Specs at LTU), and Director, Multimedia for Detroit School of Arts'. Donald was named an Advance CTE Fellow specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion for postsecondary career and technical education (CTE) leaders. He is a doctoral student at Wayne State University with a focus on curriculum and critical social inquiry.

  • Sherri Wilcauskas

    Photo of Sherri Wilcauskas

    Sherri Wilcauskas has been an education professional for nearly 20 years, working at a variety of settings including universities, museums, and K-12 professional development organizations. Sherri serves as CAST’s Director of Federal Relations and the Project Director of the Center on Inclusive Software for Learning, and uses both these roles to advocate for and contribute to the design of equitable and inclusive learning experiences across the many educational sectors she cares about. Sherri is also a doctoral student in education at Northeastern University.

  • Katie Wyatt

    Photo of Katie Wyatt

    Katie Wyatt is a Coordinator of Inclusive Literacy at the Santa Clara County Office of Education CA) in the Inclusion Collaborative and a UDL Implementation Specialist for CAST helping to design resources and facilitate professional learning for the California Coalition on Inclusive Literacy.  Prior to these roles, she worked as a district-wide Coach for 19 sites guiding implementation of Project Based Learning, all things Language Arts, helping to run the new teacher Induction Program and serving on the Equity and Diversity Board Committee. Her first 11 years were served in a classroom helping to design a health and fitness-based academy at an underserved Title I school.

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