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SNUDLE: Scaling an Inclusive Solution to Sensemaking in Science

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Project Name
The UDL Science Notebook: Scaling an Inclusive Solution to Sensemaking in Science

Project Description

The SNUDLE project focused on creating a suite of student and teacher tools, professional development, and facilitated professional learning communities to bring the power of CAST’s evidence-based Science Notebook in a Universal Design for Learning Environment (SNUDLE) to all teachers. This project is a part of a long line of CAST research, including funding from IES, in developing a digital science notebook to support inquiry science.

The SNUDLE implementation suite focused on creating teacher training, mentoring, and supports to build teacher motivation, self-efficacy, and capacity to use inquiry science and science notebooks effectively in their instruction, improving student science knowledge, motivation for science, and sensemaking for students and teachers.

The SNUDLE implementation suite

  • provides a scaffolded environment for teachers to modify or create investigations for any scientific inquiry curriculum based on the Next Generation Science Standards
  • includes embedded instructional coaching, investigation samples, plans, and activities; science concept and vocabulary supports; activity monitoring and feedback support
  • incorporates a blended professional development, professional learning community, and coaching model aligned with best professional learning practices
  • provides a curriculum-agnostic science notebook environment, authorable by teachers, adaptable to any science inquiry content

What is SNUDLE?

SNUDLE combines a supported science sensemaking process for students with robust teacher supports to bring about positive outcomes for student science comprehension and growth in teacher motivation and self-efficacy in science.


  • a UDL-supported science sensemaking process for students
  • a professional development series to support teachers’ science inquiry teaching skills
  • a set of ongoing professional learning communities that support peer development in inquiry science teaching and learning
  • a robust environment that models, guides, and supports teachers to construct science investigations that meet the needs of their students
Line graph of student SNUDLE use


Teachers who used the SNUDLE implementation suite showed increased preparedness, confidence, and competence, thereby improving student science knowledge, motivation, and sensemaking.

For students who initially struggled in science, the more SNUDLE pages they completed, the better they performed on science post-test scores. SNUDLE is reducing the achievement gap in science, equalizing science understanding for all.


It's not just for the students. SNUDLE helped my teaching style. I became more in tune with how science should be taught and learned.

— SNUDLE Teacher

With SNUDLE, students see how writing is connected to science, which I think often gets overlooked. 

— SNUDLE Teacher

SNUDLE, lesson-by-lesson, is formative assessment. It allows us, even daily, to go through and see that the kids are having a hard time with something. Then we take the time to either supplement or give them a choice for morning work. 

— SNUDLE Teacher


2015 – 2021

Funded by

Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education


Arizona State University

Principal Investigators

Tracey Hall Ph.D. (PI), CAST
Karen Harris, Ed.D. Arizona State University (Co-PI)


For more information about this project, please contact Tracey Hall.

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