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MindPrint SBIR: Addressing Learner Variability in Secondary Mathematics Instruction

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Project name
Integrating Cognitive and Self-Regulatory Strategies to Improve Secondary Mathematics Outcomes

Project Description

Phase II of the NSF-funded study aims to demonstrate improvements in math instruction, engagement, and outcomes through a holistic approach to supporting social-emotional, cognitive, and academic skills in general education classrooms. CAST is one of three primary partners, working in conjunction with Novak Educational Consulting and MindPrint Learning, which leads the project.

Key objectives of the study include:

  • Equip educators with data to address student variability across cognitive, social-emotional, and academic skills, leading to improvements in student engagement and math achievement.
  • Demonstrate the specific evidence-based, personalized interventions for engagement, social-emotional learning, and academic instruction to improve math outcomes for individualized learner profiles.
  • Further the current state of research on student engagement by addressing individual differences in cognitive and social-emotional skills.

By integrating these inputs of student-specific data, teachers will be able to effectively identify and address additional barriers that interfere with mathematical understanding, retention, motivation and engagement, all of which contribute to academic outcomes. This data-driven, scalable approach will pinpoint individual causes of students' mathematics struggles and provide evidence-based, personalized interventions.


2021 – 2023


National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)


MindPrint Learning
Novak Educational Consulting

Project Leadership

Kate Walton, PI, MindPrint Learning
Jess Gropen, Co-PI, CAST
Nancy Weinstein, CEO, MindPrint Learning
Susan Beshel, Learning Specialist, MindPrint Learning


For more information about this project, please email Jess Gropen.

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