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CAST Seeks Partners to Pilot Multigenerational Makerspaces in Affordable Housing

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Envisioning a community solution to reclaiming learning and reconnecting to school and work.


CAST today announced that it is seeking partners to engage in a bold, multigenerational pilot that reconnects affordable housing residents to work and school while simultaneously ensuring that their children are school-ready.

CAST envisions using makerspace learning communities in affordable housing and community centers to help adults develop the learning skills, motivation, and connections they need to thrive in college and career. At the same time, the children they care for will prepare for school success in a fun, creative environment.

Pilot sites would include Boston, Stamford, Hartford, and New York City. Partners sought include foundations and corporations, affordable and mixed-use housing complexes, community centers, and local employers.

“This bold, community-driven approach will tackle the concurrent issues of poverty, disengagement from learning, and the lack of meaningful employment,” says Sam Johnston, CAST’s Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Development. “These problems go together and should, therefore, be solved together.”

Four essential components drive this pilot:

  1. Makerspaces: Programming that meaningfully integrates both parents and their children’s learning.
  2. Motivation: An environment that naturally ignites confidence in learning abilities, interest in pursuing meaningful careers (parents), and engagement in school (kids).
  3. Learning skills: Goal-setting, problem-solving, self-control and reflection help both parents and kids persevere and succeed.
  4. Networks: Early childhood educators, trainers, teachers, and industry partners participate at each step to support learning and good decision-making.

For more information, contact Janet Gronneberg, Director of Strategic Advancement, or call 781-245-2212.

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