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Generosity Busting Barriers

Progress meter, exceeding our goal at 125%

Monday, March 19, 2018

CAST is thrilled to announce that we have reached and exceeded our Phase I goal for the Founders' Fund for Innovation!

As a next step, CAST CEO Linda Gerstle is convening a group of committed staff to review innovative ideas through an RFP process.

This fund will support proposals that advance:

  • The creation of new professional learning prototypes that showcase design thinking for multiple audiences
  • The RFP process for staff to research/pilot a new idea with expectation that they will bring a prototype back to CAST that is a ‘product’ of their learning
  • Investing in product development opportunities with private sector partners
  • The creation of model learning design labs
  • High risk/high reward initiatives

Learn more about The Anne Meyer and David Rose Founders' Fund for Innovation, and join our growing family of supporters by donating to CAST today.

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