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Joy Zabala Receives 2016 OCALI Award

Photo of Joy Zabala holding her OCALI award

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Thursday, November 17 at OCALICON 2016 held in Columbus, OH, Joy Zabala, CAST's Director of Technical Assistance and Co-Director of the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials, received a 2016 OCALI Award.

The OCALI Awards "formally recognize and acknowledge the impact, leadership, and accomplishments of individuals across the nation who help improve the outcomes for people with autism, sensory disabilities, and low-incidence disabilities."

In addition to her work at CAST and the AEM Center, Joy developed the SETT Framework, a model for collaborative decision-making throughout the phases of assistive technology service design and delivery. She is also a founder of QIAT and part of the QIAT leadership team, with whom she co-authored Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology: A Comprehensive Guide to Assistive Technology Services published by CAST Professional Publishing.

Please join us in congratulating Joy for her many wonderful accomplishments, working tirelessly for all learners.

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