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"I hope classrooms have more emotion in them": David Rose interviewed in Education Week

Photo of David Rose

Friday, July 18, 2014

In an interview with Education Week, CAST Co-Founder David H. Rose discusses how Universal Design for Learning helps educators to personalize learning and what he hopes schools of the future look like.

"I hope classrooms will have more emotion in them," he says. "That is, you’d see kids excited about learning, you’d see kids arguing various points, you’d see them questioning propositions. You’d see the stuff that really makes learning happen as opposed to the passivity we often see now. So many schools today are rule-bound, flat, vapid places. And everything we know about neuroscience tells us that that’s not a good way to learn."

Rose discusses the ways that attentive, adaptive teaching methods and universally designed multimedia can enhance education for all.  At the heart of this is the "need to really understand the diversity of your learners. What are the things around which kids really differ and what are the evidence-based practices that can allow us to individualize around them? Answering those questions can help educators make informed technology decisions," says Rose.

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