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CAST Featured in T.H.E. Journal

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

T.H.E. Journal, a leading national magazine about education technology, features CAST’s work in its December issues.

The article “6 Ways to Engage Every Learner Using UDL” explains to teachers “how to make your lessons more accessible and your lesson planning more fun.”

CAST’s free online book Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice, gets special mention. As you read the book, you’re going to feel out the UDL principles and model,” educator Luis Perez is quoted as saying. “For example, there’s a glossary, there’s lots of hyperlinks so that if you want to pursue a different topic you can go off on a different hyperlink in that direction. You can highlight, you can turn on text-to-speech. It gives you an idea of what UDL looks like in terms of instructional materials.”
The work of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. in Columbus, Indiana, a district that began using UDL more than a decade ago and a frequent partner of CAST’s, is also featured.

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