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Aina Serra

Learning Experience Designer
Photo of Aina Serra

As a Learning Experience Designer, Aina Serra envisions, designs, and implements learning experiences that meet user-centered, educational goals and that are accessible and optimized for individual variability among all learners. She works across the disciplines of Instructional and User Experience Design, working alongside learning scientists, content providers and subject-matter experts, front-end developers, and engineers on projects to push the boundaries of UDL into innovative, usable, and engaging online and mobile learning environments and tools.

With her diverse background in designing innovative learning and eLearning experiences, Aina has made a significant impact across various industries and audiences, with a focus on intercultural environments and immigrant communities. Prior to joining the team at CAST, Aina designed a pioneering School Podcasting app, which is currently in development in Europe.

Aina's work and studies have taken her to different countries, including Spain, Austria, and China, providing her with a valuable and unique perspective on cross-cultural communication and learning. She is currently pursuing her second bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution at the Open University of Catalonia, to deepen her understanding of human behavior, cultural diversity, and the evolution of societies in the digital era.

My Inspiration

The song is in Catalan, one of my mother’s native tongues mixed in with Spanish. It features local Catalan activists that work on preserving the Mediterranean ecosystem. I find the song and video very inspiring, as it shows community work and service. The main line translates to “there must be another way of living,” referring to finding new ways to do things that are respectful and healing to all kinds. I have a similar mindset while doing my work, and it reminds me of a quote I love: “We rise by lifting others.”


M.Ed., University of Barcelona, Digitally Mediated Learning Environments
M.Ed., University of the Balearic Islands, Teacher Training
B.A., University of the Balearic Islands, English Studies

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